Pics from the porch…………

When guesting on someone’s couch it is always nice to leave something of beauty behind.  Since I am currently staying in a vacation home on Long Island Sound, a picturesque part of the country that I could never afford to live in on a permanent basis with my resources, it was fairly easy to determine what that would be,  photographs taken during my stay.

My decision was an easy one.  My hosts have a porch that looks out over the ocean in an area known as Indian lost 2Neck on the shoreline of  Connecticut.  They face due east across what are labeled the  Thimble Islands, a place where the morning sun  competes with an always present low lying bank of clouds that  help make for wondrous sunrises.  It’s a pretty little bay with a beach, cove, and still waters.masterpiece  Wooden posts that are used in the milder months for boats to tie onto are scattered throughout the waters and seagulls tussle with the local ducks for the best fishing.  It is not unusual to see clammers with their buckets, boats trolling for the bigger catches, and weekend warriors walking their pooches on the sand.  In other words, this is an amateur photographer’s dream.  So, how I could make it a bit more challenging since I seldom like anything easy?  I decided to take all the photos from just the front porch and then I’ll  put them into a coffee table book for my kind hosts.

So, armed with my camera and a cup of coffee I spend most mornings just sitting and waiting.  Listening to a little Amy Winehouse, or god's goal post 1The Foo Fighters, depending upon my mood, I busily click away.  I am seldom disappointed and have been quite god's goal post 3happy with the results, although, as you can see somewhere on this post, not all my subjects seem as happy as I am with the process.

Now, as might be guessed, I am not a professional photographer.   In fact, my camera is a Panasonic Lumix that cost a friend less than 200 bucks.  It was a gift and, what makes it even more significant, it is my first digital camera.  I am a die-hard fan of the SLR 35 mm Canon EOS Rebel, which I have used in the past and, I’ll add,  had brought me the good fortune to have been published a few times.  In fact, it is how I used to fund my travels.  I’d go someplace exotic, spend a couple of  days shooting away, and then submit my favorite shots once back home.  The resources from those selected paid for my next trip, and so on.  It was fun.

lonelyBut, then the digital era arrived and it quickly abolished the 35mm due to the ease of submitting digital photos online.  Thinking of myself as a purist, which was mostly right, but, to be honest, I also couldn’t afford the first digitals that had the pixel quality that I desired.  So, while sitting on my hands, and money, I never quite crossed the line until a friend just went ahead and took a chance.  He gave me this camera for Christmas just a few weeks ago.

And, I am so glad he did.  No, the photos aren’t professional, but they are pleasant enough for my purposes, and,P1000246done clamming beggars truly cannot be choosers.  In other words, only gratitude needs to be expressed.  So, let me say thank you to my buddy for this camera, it is a great companion.  And, thanks to my hosts for providing such a beautiful canvas to work with while I learn about digital photography.

Well, there is a silver and pink shine to everything outside the windows at the moment.  I think I’m going to go put on a little Adele, make another cup of coffee, and I’m going to go back to clicking away and see what more I can get to help pay for my supper.  Salud!

2 thoughts on “Pics from the porch…………

  1. MARIA…Such a surprise!!!
    I had a while back received ‘A gypse life’ before and did not know what it was, so i deleted it! Sorry. I thought it possibly had a virus in it. Anyway, for some reason this one caught my interest, and I am so very happy it had pal.
    I read this with keen interest and loved the photos, though your camera is not very costly, it did the job just fine pal.
    So, now i know in the future to look forward to your writings…
    Wishing you the very best there in Conneticut Maria, send hugs and Peace pal…

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