People, pics, and pesos

Whether one prefers it calm or chaotic, spiritual or sporting, it seems that Cozumel has just about anything one could ask for on a tropical island.  Having just moved to the island myself, although I’ve vacationed here  on many occasions,  I am in the process of  learning about its many sides and let me assure you that there is much to be had here.  I’ve already made a few discoveries and will include a few pics to go along with the telling.

The first couple of days were primarily spent nesting.  I had to go on that much-needed shopping spree for what will help my new apartment feel like a home.  On a limited budget it is nice to see how reasonable many products are,  if one doesn’t need electronics, of course.  So, since it is right down the street, off I went to Chedraui,  a rather large store that has much,  and there I was able to get the more practical stuff necessary including a bike that will be my primary source of transportation.  (I had hoped to buy one from the folks on the Cozumel My Cozumel forum, but, unfortunately,  no-one was selling at the moment).     Then, after a couple of days of just settling in, I started to take an early bike ride to the center of town for my morning coffee.  I can already tell that this will become one of my rituals, you can’t beat the ambiance.  With coffee and muffin in hand I sit on the wall that runs alongside the ocean.  In fact, the pic of the sailboat at the top of this blog is an example of my view after just a couple of sips.  I can live with this, absolutely.

Next it seemed like a good idea to meet a few of the local shop folks to take care of my home’s artistic needs.  I’ll take the personal touch over convenience in these matters and I was not to be disappointed.    Just about everyone I met was warm and friendly, many of them agreeing to let me take  pictures of themselves, their wares, and, in one case, the youngest member of the family.    It was fun to try out my Spanish on some very patient folks while I looked about.  As I mentioned, Cozumel has it all.  From high-end jewelers to tiny Mom and Pop shops, it didn’t take me long, especially since I don’t shop high-end.  So, a few hours later, I had the refrigerator magnets,  wall hangings, and plants that will round out my domestic side for now.    Now, off for that evening of fun.

Now, I have to admit that I do something foolish. It isn’t intentional that I end up just that, foolish,  it’s just that I want to thoroughly enjoy what the nights have to offer, once.  In other words,  I will have that one night where I will party like it’s 1999.  Much to the dismay of bar owners in the past, it is only the one night no matter how much fun.  But, no matter, and with no apologies, the night has arrived.  With a few pesos in hand I hit the nightlife.

It started out with my bumping into a few tourists during my travels.   They, too, were quite friendly and hoping for some insight.  We exchanged pleasantries and I tried to answer their queries.   So, questions asked, and, hopefully, answered we all went about our separate ways to enjoy the evening.  Still, it was good to meet folks who like to try out new things and I can only hope that I steered them in the right direction.  But, if not,  I was also quite happy that they had a knowledgeable waiter who could provide backup advice.

I then walked about with little direction in mind,  just following the music.  There are quite a few places to go when wanting to have a few drinks and laughs and I stopped at more than one.  Once it was getting to be a little late,  however,  I headed to my last stop. As a solo traveler, it just makes good sense to go where it’s well-lit, well-known, and a cab can be easily called and  I found just the spot.   It was indeed a club with a well-known name (I try not to endorse, just suggest) and a good location near the  ship pier on the main drag.   I got my one drink in the ridiculously tall glass and started mingling.   I was not to be disappointed by my choice.  Many folks were having a great time and permission to take my pics was freely granted.  A couple of the tables stood out as they were filled with whole families sharing baskets of food and pitchers of beer.  Such a cliché to say “and a good time was had by all,” but it’s the truth.

Once it got to be even later the waiters started pouring personal shots.  These are a sight to behold.  They put a bib on the happy customer, lean his, or her, head back, and they pour it straight from the bottle to the opening mouth of the over-confident.  Often voices will raise and hands  will start clapping in support and encouragement, although I am not sure, at that point, that encouragement is necessary.Yes,  it bears repeating that an atmosphere of good times was easily available and I didn’t see any unhappy clients.  For that one night of unbridled fun, I have no complaints myself.

Okay, that was a good start with both the calm and the chaotic.   Soon I’ll be looking into taking a few  jaunts to explore the spiritual and the sporting sides of Cozumel.   I’ll be visiting and photographing ruins as well as snorkeling and diving in some of the most beautiful sites in the world.   In between, I think I’ll just lie back and enjoy life island style.

Oh, and for one final pic, this little photo seemed to be a great visual metaphor for how I often feel the morning after my big night.  So much for partying like it’s 1999,  salud!

4 thoughts on “People, pics, and pesos

  1. Tickled my funny bone! I enjoy your humor/ecentricness!
    We too will soon make Coz home as we arrrive in a few weeks. Chedraui is also near by so I bet we will be neighbors of a sort. Keep it coming as I am impatient to get settled!

  2. How wonderful this all appears. . . . . for now we will have to live vicariously through you. Enjoy your peaceful mornings as you explore your new home. Looking forward to all future posts. . . . the good, the bad and the ugly.

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