This morning in Cozumel………..a photographic walkabout

This morning my newly adopted pup, Serenity, woke me up at 5:00 to go outside and, well, take care of business.  After that she was also rather insistent that I praise her, feed her and, in spite of her early accomplishment,  she still made me aware that I was to take her for her morning walk.   She didn’t care that it was dark outside.  She also wasn’t concerned that her actions were in direct conflict with her moniker and that she’s supposed to be the one in training.  And why should she?  She’s a dog.  So, once the potty,  food, walk, and play were done she happily curled up on her bed (two old towels) and was back to sleep by 6:00.  This left me with two choices.  I went with the second one.  So, after a cup of coffee, I headed out the door with a last, slightly envious, glance over my shoulder at her inability to feel guilt.  I want to be her in my next life.

But, she did me a favor.  Having had to remain indoors for a minor health issue I had been neglecting my little digital camera.  Yes, it was time to do a photographic walkabout.  My pics may not be ready for the travel mags, but they make for a nice little visual diary.  Besides, they help me to look around with an eager perspective.

Since it was still so early, time change and all, I did what I often do when I am tired.  I make unusual decisions.  This one was to ignore the typical photo opportunities on Cozumel.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the flowers, sunsets, and palm trees too.  It just seemed to be a morning to take a different look at my surroundings.   This pic on the right was a good start.  Is it me, or can anyone else see an old man’s profile?  He also has eyebrows and a mustache, but I do have an active imagination, especially when sleep deprived.   I digress.

Cozumel is wondrous early in the morning.  The light from the rising sun reflects off of such a variety of colors that it’s often hard to choose.  However, sticking with my decision to look at things a bit differently I came across this lamp that, for me anyway, was sort of art nouveau-ish.  It was the next “subject matter” that called out even though it lacked any of the colors I just mentioned  and I do have a soft spot for anything nouveau.  So, plenty of time for the tropical shades.  I took the shot and went on.   I was heading down 50 avenida towards the center of town.  It occurred to me that  I had to get my pics for my FM3 and Monica Sauza, the woman who is working with me, had told me about a place near town.  Thanks to Serenity I could kill two birds with one stone.

Continuing down 50 I started to have some company.  Men on a variety of bikes were, apparently, also heading towards  downtown.  As I kept going I’d hear their greetings called out to those who turned off of side streets and joined them.  Soon I noticed a few women, some dressed in the Yucatan style of white with an embroidered neck, emerging from their homes and beginning  to walk our way as well.  It was about 6:30, and, in spite of the increasing numbers,  still very peaceful and quiet.   I crossed a side street and noticed a  brightly painted house with a balcony and a cement railing.  They both needed some touch ups, but still looked grand to me.  I like shadows and shapes mixed with colors and we have it all here.  In fact, as well-known as Cozumel is for diving, thanks to Jacques Cousteau in the early sixties, I am surprised that it isn’t better known for painting and photographic possibilities.  Sort of a Tuscan thing.  I focused and took the shot.

Once I arrived at the main street, Avenida Benito Juarez,  I turned left and headed for the plaza.  I saw photo opportunities everywhere and had a great time.   At one point, while avoiding my usual favorites such as the trinkets in the windows, or the palm trees in the plaza, I looked up and noticed that a pigeon had decided to take a break.   If I had blinked I would have missed it.   But, the bird was patient and I was able to get the moment.  Once that was done it was time to get some breakfast.  The photo shop wouldn’t be open until 8:30, I had almost an hour to kill.  Time for some desayuno (breakfast).

I ordered  coffee and benedictinos instead of my favored chilequiles and then put my feet up and took a breath.   I started to listen to the music, it was a catchy tune, was even tapping my toes and then I heard the words, in glorious English.   This was not breakfast music, folks.  In fact, I’m not sure what time of the day it should be played since the gentleman was singing, in vivid detail, what he wanted to do to his lady, and I’m using those titles lightly.  Words like “sweat” and “wet” were being tossed around with a few others I won’t repeat.   How funny, but  I don’t offend easily.  I played with the idea to say something just in case they didn’t know, but decided against it with the rationalization that it would be heard, primarily, by spring breakers and other vacationers.  Of course that is assuming they would be listening.

Then the table next to me caught my eye.  A bit of breakfast art was being displayed and it seemed to be  for my benefit.  My camera came out and here’s the shot.  I have to add that I may be the only one who sees anything worth photographing since it was quite apparent that the waiters did not.   If you don’t either, just remember that I was working with fewer brain cells than usual.  A few moments later and I was done.  Time to pay the check and head out to be on the other side of the camera.

Although many of the shops weren’t open yet I still decided to take a detour and head down the walkway through the ones that are behind the Bancomer bank. Once I got to the courtyard I looked up and the contrasting colors took my breath away.   Since my battery was low I knew this might be my last shot of the day.  Angling it a bit for effect, here is how I ended my morning.  Not a bad way to start a day, salud!

p.s. these were all taken with my Panasonic Lumix 16x…….costs about 150 bucks usd and was a gift.  Thank you again,  Jeff!

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