New digs and fast friends

As some of you may know, I moved, again.  Although I’d had a  little apartment here on Cozumel that was quite nice, my knees disagreed with the stairs and that meant the search was on.  I wanted to find  a home with everything on one floor and, hopefully, a place where I could either stay for a long time, or leave at a moment’s notice if my health required permanent relocation.   Turns out that on this island, even with those expectations, there were a variety of choices.   As it happened,   I was fortunate enough to discover one quite close that had both options, although my lack of goods, so far,  would have made the move easy no matter where I’d chosen.  Living simply does have its benefits.    The location is great  (the pic of the church is my new view) my landlord is wonderful, and, other than deciding to furnish, or wait,  my biggest worry has become the possibility of declared war  between the landlord’s kitten and my new pup.

The first day I headed out to Chedraui for a table and chairs.  Working with a limited budget is typically not a problem in Mexico.  The “Cozumel, My Cozumel” forum for travelers and locals is a great place to start.  I was able to find a hammock there, but no-one was selling a dining set that would fit my needs, which are paltry at this point.  Turns out that Chedraui was a bust too.  I could have walked the few blocks to Mega, but I was worried about my dog being locked in my place with only fans and open windows, the a.c. will come later.  I didn’t trust her outside yet since the kitty had full access to the roof deck that I now call home and, although quite tiny-the kitty, she didn’t seem to have any fear of my pooch in spite of the size difference.   As you can see from this, their play started out a bit rocky.  So, once I returned I let Nity outside.  With a squirt bottle in hand, my pooch hates being squirted, I followed their antics for an hour and, happy to say, no blood was spilled.

Time to head back to the stores.  By the next day, an outdoor set I found on sale would be placed next to a family sized hammock I’ve now been lucky enough to find at the market.  My landlord puts an older sofa outside under the overhang and, in another deck area,  I hang up the hammock I found on the Cozumel forum.  My neighbors, inn owners, were nice enough to give me a plant for my deck and the home begins to take shape.  A few more plants for the inside, some dishes and pots, and, with very little monies involved, all my basic needs are met.  I’m not sure how to describe my decorating style.  Something like “I’m on a permanent vacation” could probably best define it.  Later on, once it becomes certain I will be here for a long time, I can further fine tune my surroundings.

And the potential is enormous.  My roof deck is quite large with a built-in grill and a great overhang with a recessed area for those super sunny days.  I sit on my new couch and look about.  While doing so I notice a kitty paw stick out from under the gate that separates me from the downstairs car port.  My dog notices it too and the games begin.  This time it is quite clear that no bloodshed is to be feared so I just continue to look about and envision what will be.  But, still, I’m nervous for them so,  just to be safe, I decide that I will place a few of the boxes I used for moving along the wall from the gate to the sofa.  Sort of a sheltered pathway for the kitty who has no fear, but, hopefully, a strong sense of survival.

Yes, this will be fun and I will post some pics of my new digs as they develop.  I have full expectations to heal  and stay here since stubbornness has always been a strong suit of mine.  Besides, who would want to lose this place?  I see a wooden table and chairs in my future along with multi-colored sheers drifting over plants, and all under a bit of white, Christmasy lights that seem to be a requirement down here.   I will cook my veggies on the grill while listening to the church bells compete with my choice of the blues, think Billie and Guy.  Yes, life will be good.  Now, if only the cat and dog decide that a permanent friendship is the way to go, life will be just fine.  Salud!

p.s. just finished writing, went outside and this is what I found……my prayers have been answered and a big smile is seen all around

6 thoughts on “New digs and fast friends

  1. All is perfectly well for you today and hope it will be always. So glad you could quickly find a better place to suit you. Dog and kitty doing fine and so cute to boot! Isn’t it fun shopping and waiting and looking for deals and what says …”it’s me”?

  2. Hiya: thank you for taking the time of producing up this details. I generally seek to even more my comprehension of stuff. Regardless if I agree or disagree, I love facts. I keep in mind the previous days once the only source of data was the library or the newspaper. They both appear so old. : )

  3. That one can be at home whereever they make it is karma sweetie! I love your spirit! Keep in touch …we’ll be there soon. MK

  4. Si! My husband says we are on no mores…no more Mondays, no more Tuesdays etc….
    Oh and by the way; while we wind down we are living in a townhouse with a mattress on the floor, two lawn chairs and a TV. So I would venture to say we are enjoying living with less.

    Most our belongings are with friends there. What we need we will do as you do and get it as we need it. We have downsized the past year and truly enjoy living with less. It is freeing!
    ~be well~

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