Started with the sunset………..

I hailed a taxi yesterday, in the late afternoon, and asked the driver if he could recommend a spot to watch the sunset.  As many of you know, the island of Cozumel has nothing but options for this particular event and it’s hard to be disappointed.  But, this time I thought it would be nice to go someplace out of the ordinary, for me.  He recommended Playa Azul, a small hotel on the northern end, and twenty minutes later he dropped me off and I walked into the lobby.  It only took a second to decide to take out my little digital.   The attention to detail was immediately apparent and the colors, such as the wall with candles you see here, were soft and muted.  It was a nice start to the evening.

Outside there is a small bar right next to the ocean, the destination the taxi driver had recommended,  and I walked on over.  They had some friendly people working and others who were just stopping by to have a few drinks, but it was far from crowded.  I started talking with a couple I met, Mickie and Curt, who were more than generous with their time and, to be honest,  could well be used as travel guides for the island.  They have years of experience, were more than willing to talk about their history with Cozumel and I got a lot of pointers from them.   They were much fun to talk with and I’d be happy to run into them again sometime.

Afterwards I started to really look at my surroundings.  This area of the island doesn’t have a long,  straight stretch of sandy beach, although there is plenty of room for sunning.  It does have, however,  little coves and a bit of a rocky shoreline.  The hotel uses these to its advantage. One example was a small deck, just off from the bar, that fit a few wooden lounge chairs nicely.  I was trying to decide if they were Adirondacks, or not, then just gave up and took a picture instead.

I looked to my left and saw some kids playing.  Of course I had to take some shots of them, which took up the last few minutes before the show began.   I’d already picked my spot to watch the sun drop into the ocean and that was when I noticed that the waves were actually quite high.  We’ve had a bit of rain and windy weather for a few days, but I hadn’t noticed just how windy it still must have been until I was trying to hold my hand steady.  I try to avoid the shots where the ocean looks like it’s emptying out on one side of the picture, but I was going to have to take a lot of photos just to make sure.

Well, the evening was young and I was having fun so it seemed like a good idea to keep going, for a little while anyway.  I grabbed another cab and asked him to take me to the center of town.  The Sunday night party in the plaza was in full swing so I sat at a small outside bar to watch the festivities.  It only took about five minutes to start talking with a couple of ladies who’d decided to travel together.  It seemed to be a night of friendly folks and I was happy to have the chance to get to know a few more. I also want to mention that Freddy, the bartender, was quite inventive with his drinks and their presentations.  I watched many a customer get a big smile once they saw what he’d created.   It was going to be a nice way to end my evening, and I was getting ready to say my goodbyes.  But, then I saw a local couple walk past us and they were dressed for dancing.   It was only about eight, or eight thirty so I knew I could make another stop.

I think this is where I’ll mention that I’d been out with friends a few years back and was given the opportunity to watch the locals dance in Cancun.  I never did find out if it was a cultural thing, the energy at that particular nightclub, or just their youth, but it was impressive.  I felt that if I could see that again it would be great. My only concern was that my digital camera’s limitations might hinder me.  And, they did, but I did manage to capture a few moments in between my amazed appreciation.  Let me tell you, some of those folks can seriously dance!

I was at the club for about a half an hour, but then I knew that it really was time to get home.  My days start around 5, whether I want them to or not,  so I made the decision.  One last taxi ride and I was home.  Yea, I have to admit that, at the risk of sounding repetitive, it was another good day on Cozumel, and a good night too.  Salud!

2 thoughts on “Started with the sunset………..

  1. I love the picture of the playing children. And the colors in your dancing couple shot are wonderful! What club is that? Keep blogging…reading them is so much fun. thanks.

    1. I actually don’t know the name of the club, but if you face the Bancomer building ( in the plaza) and then turn left and go down that small street out of the plaza, it was on the right. Opens at 8 and is mostly for locals, but they didn’t mind me buying a coke and taking pics. Thanks for reading (and the shot of the dancers was due to my camera’s inability to focus in low light, but did come out kind of nice, thanks for noticing)

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