After the rain…………

Well, it’s Saturday morning here in Cozumel and everything is still wet from the storm that rolled through here last night.    I’d decided to  sit in my bedroom and watch some television; sometimes it’s a good thing to  just have a lazy day.  But, once this got old, by nine in the a.m., it seemed that I needed to find something else to do in spite of the conditions.

The morning passed quickly when another two hours were taken up by my attempts to return a pair of shoes to Mega.  I’d had “beach feet” the day I bought them so hadn’t tried them on and, not a week later, I realized that they just weren’t going to fit no matter what.  It would be good to just give them back.   However, looking around my apartment I couldn’t find the receipt,   but did manage to find six others so I’d traipsed off to the store with the hope that maybe they’d still let me exchange them.  After all, the many other receipts would demonstrate that I’m a good, loyal customer and they might  bend the rules just this one time.  But, once I returned home, put the unwanted, and nonreturnable, shoes  back in my closet, I decided to grab my camera and head to the park.   The light is all wrong for pics, but, who knows,  I might get lucky.

There weren’t too many people around.  A couple of friends walking their dogs, a single man talking on a cell phone,  and a handful of teenagers doing what teenagers do everywhere.  They sat close, exchanged thoughts, chewed gum and laughed, a lot.   It was good to see kids interacting without technology and, when one smiled at me, I was happy to smile back.  I continued to walk through the park slowly just looking around  to see if anything could be considered photogenic in spite of the absence of light.  That’s when I noticed that there were still pools of water everywhere.   I started to click away trying to capture the reflections the waters held.

A little while later I noticed the horse and buggy tours were in full swing.  They’d stop in front of the Corpus Christi church for a few minutes;  just long enough to let the tourists take a few shots.  It is a pretty church,  painted yellow and white in front, and on the twin towers, but it is a sort of peached salmon color along the sides.  An uneven pastel palette that seems to fit with the quirkiness of this island.  It hit me that I had choices, take a photo of the church itself, but without the help of the sun, or the tourists in the buggies, but I’m not sure how I feel about those poor horses.  I settled for one of the reflections. A church tower with a bit of palm could be seen in the water on the side of the road.  Just maybe if I keep part of the curb yellow in the shot for scale it might be worth a look.

I continued to leisurely walk around.  The birds were in full harmony and there was a pleasant breeze.  Just enough of one to keep the mosquitoes at bay, which is a good thing.  Those insects just love me and I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day scratching.  Heading for one of the white granite benches I sat down and  breathed it all in.   The foliage here is lush, to say the least, and, after a good rain, it becomes a  deep green not seen during our usual sunny days.  It was pleasant and I must have sat in that park for an hour just taking it all in.  Occasionally I’d pick up my camera and focus here and there, but mostly just sat and relaxed.

Once I was about as zen as I could get I started to head back home.  A floating leaf here, a reflected lantern there, and maybe that rusted bolt over there with the fun colors.  A great time was had and I got some shots to help me remember the day.  Nothing so memorable as to try and win a prize, but that wasn’t the point.  I’d wanted to spend a quiet day outside in spite of the lack of weatherly perfection usually found on Cozumel  and I’d accomplished my goal.  Back home to my dogs and a good, strong cup of coffee.  Salud!

p.s. I use a Panasonic Lumix digital camera.  An incredibly affordable little digital for less than 200 bucks usd. that eliminated any excuse I might have had about taking pictures…………

6 thoughts on “After the rain…………

  1. In spite of your comments that, “nothing so memorable as to try and win a prize, but that wasn’t the point”, the picture of the church reflected in the water was….PERFECTION!!! ¡Muy hermoso!

  2. I too love that little park. We live , or will down 25th and when we were there in May I would go down in the morning with my fancy little hp touchpad and use their free wireless. Plenty of kids, dogs and bicycles cruising around. In the early evening it is a favorite necking place for young couples. Kinda cute. Thanks for refreshing my memory of the park. I have read all you posts and enjoy them. Hillbilly
    Richard and Carol from Colorado till Nov 1st.

    1. How excited you must be! Do you have that calendar with the days crossed off yet? And, yes, the evenings are still quite special for a lot of the (much) younger crowd………… Thanks for reading 🙂

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