A Saturday night on Cozumel………..

So, there I was trying to figure out how to celebrate a personal accomplishment.  I’d finished my first book and that seemed to require two things.  A day off and a night out.  But, since I now live on the island of  Cozumel, I had plenty of choices.  Decisions, decisions.   However, the best one seemed to be the simplest.  Just start out and  see where I end up.  As it turned out, that was the probably the best decision of them all.

Since I like to take photos, but don’t have much of a camera, I started my journey while it was still light out.  Six thirtyish is a good time for pictures on the island, I’ve discovered, so much gets a golden hue.  Now,  I’ve taken many photos of the sunsets here, they are gorgeous, but,  just to be a little different this time,  I pointed my  digital elsewhere.  Walking down the main drag towards downtown I saw a play of light and shadows that caught my eye and I grabbed the shot.

Soon after that I spotted a horse and buggy heading my direction.  How I feel about that particular tourist attraction is another matter, the opportunity was a good one.   Stepping into the street and zooming my lens allowed for a decent  shot.   The horse had blinders on and the driver was looking elsewhere anyway so I just clicked away.

Coming across a place that’s new on the island I decided to stop and take a peek at their menu.  The name is The Thirsty Cougar and I now regret not asking where, or how, they came up with it.  Located oceanside I was pleasantly surprised to see that their prices were quite reasonable.   Although certainly not a fancy place, it still seemed like a good place to stop and get a quick bite and the ambiance was very pleasant.  What a great location to watch the tourists, the boats, and the sunset.

The staff was warm.    Sharon, the manager, was eager to answer questions and to just chat.  It seems that they just opened in January and hold, mostly, daytime hours although they do open back up for two more hours for the sunsets.  Niko, one of the waiters, was also very friendly and they both agreed to pose.  As always, I remain very content with just how easily the people on the island will agree to let me take my pics.

Now,  I usually don’t do this, but the bathroom at The Thirsty Cougar’s looked and smelled so clean that I just had to take a shot of that too.  I don’t know about you, but one thing I appreciate is a clean restroom and theirs qualified.  Now I’ve heard that someone has authored a coffee table book on restrooms alone, he might well have appreciated it too and, frankly, I wish I’d thought of it.

Once the sun was almost down I continued my trek towards the center of town.  Since I’d already taken a shot of a live horse it seemed like a good idea to shoot a molded equine as well, even if it was just a mule.  Please don’t ask me the name of the store, I didn’t think to look, but it was much easier to shoot since it wasn’t moving.  Once I’d finished leaning over, angling for the best light and shooting the picture I looked up and saw the store owner had that familiar expression that many of them get down here.  Amused, patient, and a bit of curiosity at my subject matter.  I smiled in return and kept going.

My next stop was at Wet Wendy’s.  I know they have a movie night and I’d wanted to confirm that it was on a Monday and to find out what was showing.  It’s going to be one of my favorites, Airplane, and I’m looking forward to the many quotable lines with the accompanying laughter.  Since I’d already taken quite a few pics there I settled for a shot of their permanent customer.  A bit of nudity, but I decided to take a chance anyway.  After that I asked if they knew of any place that had a pool table.  One of the customers assured me that Zocala’s did and they were also located oceanside.  It sounded like a plan and off I went.   Although I’m not that good of a player, most times, I still miss the game.

How glad I became that Zocala was suggested although I do want to mention that it was nice and quiet when I first began to play.  The tables are on their own floor, away from the bar area, and this rusty player was glad for the privacy.   However, an hour or so later, things began to heat up.  Now, there were some tourists there, but it seemed as if locals loved the place as well.    Folks in their Saturday night attire stood underneath the star and moon lights that were everywhere. Great pics of old-time Mexican actors were on the walls,  and the bottles in the middle of the bar seemed to glow on their own.  The music was loud and the televisions played the accompanying videos.  But, as if this wasn’t enough, not much later the smoke machines started to send out just enough to add even more to the atmosphere.

That was when the dancing began.  Maybe the smoke is a signal?  The best part was that the dancing was not just kept to the floor.  It seemed that the tables were fair game as well.  People were just having fun and even though I am a little, older lady with short grayish hair, they included me in their fun.  In fact, once very large sombreros were handed out for the line dancers circling the bar I felt one being plopped on my head, and I was required to dance along with them.  Have to admit, it’s been a long time since I did anything like that, but who was I to argue?   Besides, the looks I got made the experience worth it.

Once back at my seat someone tapped me on the shoulder and pointed behind me.  I turned and saw a half-naked and masked man holding another in a headlock.  Yep, it was time for me to wonder what they’d put in my coke (nothing, of course) and gather my stuff to head home.  A smile exchanged with the people around me and I headed down the stairs.  With the smile still on my face I headed for a taxi.  Yes, at the risk of sounding monotonous, it was another good night on the island of Cozumel.   Salud!

p.s. I am never compensated for these little articles, but I do like to share a good experience

The final chapter…………

Living on the island of Cozumel has many advantages.  Good folks, exotic beauty, and quiet afternoons that can be spent in a variety of ways.  For me, it has been the time I’ve used to finish  my first novel.  You see, I’d spent so many years working with others on their writing skills that one of my goals, once I’d retired, was to finally work on my own.  Oh, and the area you see pictured on your left is not just my outside “roof deck,”  it is my current office.   The landlord was nice enough to let me use a couch and table and the rest is just me being eclectic and frugal.  Still, the atmosphere was conducive for work, but in a leisurely manner of course.

Now, I try to keep these posts to other types of experiences I enjoy here in San Miguel.  I’ve written about San Gervasio,  El Centro, Wet Wendy’s, and The Barracuda Hotel.  I’ve been able to talk about the mercado, Sunday nights in the plaza, the beauty of Playa Azul and the pleasure of listening to church bells on Sunday mornings  in Corpus Christi.  I’ve even walked on beaches, strolled through neighborhoods, and photographed very large tubes of beer.  In other words, there has been much to hold my attention and, hopefully, yours.

However, in between time I’ve been working on a nonfiction piece that has caused me many a sleepless night and yet, somehow, a lot of fruitful days.   And I hold Cozumel responsible for giving me just the ambiance I needed to type those final chapters.   No longer will I walk around mumbling phrases worrying my dogs.  Behind me are those struggles with just the right word to capture just the right emotion.  It’s time to close the book,  pardon the pun, and celebrate.  But, before I do so, I wanted to take a moment and wish all of you good reasons to celebrate  as well.  Isn’t life grand?     Salud!

Wet Wendy’s on a Thursday………..

Due to some recent issues with the sun I have a developed a bit of a vampiric lifestyle.  It’s not that I don’t go outside, I do, but it is usually very early in the morning, or at dusk.   However, since I now live on the island of Cozumel, I am always able to find something interesting to do when I venture out after dark, and last night was no exception.  I had the opportunity to visit a place called Wet Wendy’s located on 5th, quite close to the central park square here in San Miguel.

I’d heard good things about the place, but not being much of a drinker I’m often unfamiliar with taverns.  Simply put, food and entertainment as well as a good atmosphere are all necessary for me to want to stop.  So, with that being said, Wet Wendy’s was a good choice.  My first impression was one of relief since, while walking past, I was greeted by a friendly waiter, but not in an overbearing, pushy manner.  I don’t know about you, but that  insistent “hawker” approach we have around here on occasion does little but guarantee that I won’t stop.   Marco  (I hope I got that right) didn’t push or pull, he was just plain fun.  He did pull out my chair,  and then he chatted and offered me something to drink along with chips and salsa.  All the while he never stopped smiling, and with sincerity.

It was not overly crowded, but it was still a bit early and, frankly,  the size of the group was perfect, for me.  Having already eaten, I know better now,  I didn’t order any food, but I did take a peek at  their menu and, let me tell you,  it is diverse.   Once I put that down it was time to see if my little digital would be able to capture some of the ambiance that included colorful umbrellas, a palapa roof,  plenty of tanned and happy people, and signatures, lots and lots of signatures.  It looked as if everyone who’d ever stopped left their mark somewhere.   Even the support pillars  were starting to become a tablet of choice.

Now, I’m actually a bit on the shy side in certain environments unless I have a camera in my hands.  Probably one of the reasons I do this,  it becomes a great way to meet and greet folks.  It’s also good to know just how many agreed to having their picture taken, but I’m always saddened by how many I have to leave out due to space and size limitations.   Still, here are a few examples of the folks who spent their evening at WW’s and they were all,  without exception, gracious and friendly.  It made the experience quite a bit of fun.

Now, as far as the entertainment goes, there was music, of course.  But, there was also a fortune teller available to help those who wanted to see into their futures.  I wanted to take a picture of her while she gave a reading, but couldn’t quite figure out the protocol.  I settled for taking a shot just as someone sat down so as to not be too much of a distraction.  I’m not sure how that works and didn’t want to rock the boat.

And,  to encourage others to get up and get active, there was also Wii Bowling.  A bit of competition, some friendly teasing, and a real feeling of camaraderie was apparent.    I want to say, some of those guys were pretty good.  If those activities weren’t appealing, you could just wait a little while and meet the owners, Clara (and Chad).  Clara was busily moving about talking to friends and tourists alike, making sure everyone felt at home.  Chad could well have been doing the same, but I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him.   I guess I’m just trying to say that there was a lot to do and see, especially for a shutterbug like me.   But, as all nights do, it had to come to an end at some point.

So, I did one more walk around, and took a few more pictures of the folks.  I could tell that I was putting off the inevitable,   it had been a pleasant night.  Finally, I got my check, walked over to the ATM across the street (Wet Wendy’s doesn’t take credit cards) and paid my bill.  I’m still hoping I left a good enough tip because they were just so nice and friendly.  But, knowing I’ll return, and with an appetite, I’ll make sure to leave a bit more next time, just in case.  I said my goodbyes and, because the weather was quite nice, decided to walk back to Corpus Christi.    Have to admit, it was yet another good night in Cozumel.  Thanks for coming along.   Salud!

p.s. I never receive any compensation for writing these little bits, but I do like to share good experiences!


Wanted to stand corrected on one point.  Wet Wendy’s does indeed take credit cards after all.

Gambling with the mainland and more……

Well, having lived on the island of Cozumel for close to five months now, it seemed a good idea to leave her for an afternoon.  Maybe I could do a little shopping for those hard to find items, and fit in a little sightseeing along the way.  Yes,  a good plan.  However, although the idea came to me on a Saturday, waiting until Monday to avoid the weekend crowds seemed a good plan as well.

Monday afternoon was glorious.  Blue skies, white clouds, but with a nice breeze.  I walked to the ferry, paid for my round trip ticket and headed up the stairs.  The camera had to come out, of course, so as to snap a few pics of the modern architecture inside the “dock.”  But, having timed it closely, it wasn’t long before  boarding.

The trip took about thirty minutes, which is quite a bit less than it took the first time I came to the island from Playa Del Carmen about twenty years ago.  The boats used today are much nicer as well.  Now they have several decks to choose from, air conditioning, and lots of drinks available, although that hasn’t changed since my first time crossing so long ago.  It seems that alcohol and vacations often go hand in hand and, for most, why not?

Having flown to Cozumel via Mayair when I moved here, it had been a long time since I’d been to Puerto de Playa Del Carmen.  I have to say that not much had changed other than even more of the shops were now in permanent structures that wouldn’t be as easily blown away during events such as Wilma.  But, there were still t-shirts, sea shells, slabs of jewelry, crazy hats and the many other baubles that remind us we’re in a hot spot for vacationers.  And, even though it was Monday, there were still crowds of both tourists and hawkers.  It was a festive,  and  absolutely fun, place for an amateur photographer like me.  Bright, tropical colors were everywhere as well as the crazily clad tourists, the insistent store workers, and the occasional living statue. Oh, and before I talk about the “statue” I saw, let me mention something.  Personally, I don’t think anyone besides Bo Derek has ever looked good in tight braids with beads, but God Bless those of you who still try.  Okay, back to my story.

In San Miguel we have what I like to call the “tin man.”  But, at the puerto of Playa Del Carmen they have Michael Jackson.  He plays the music and, on occasion, will do a few moves before his next “freeze.”  His moves are very good and I had to watch him for a little while.  He’s kind enough to strike a pose whenever he sees a camera, and was also nice enough to ask me if I got a good shot, once I was putting pesos into his tip jar.  And, by the way, his English is quite good too.  After tipping him I sat and took it all in for a while until I saw something that changed my plans, as vague as they were, for the better, or worse.  I’ll let the reader decide since I’m never really certain.

A small, but colorful poster was pasted on a wall just off to my left.  It told me that there was a casino in town and the name of it was “The Winpot.”  Now, for those that know me, I love the slots.  Do I know the house will always have the odds?  Yes, but I still enjoy sitting in front of a noisy machine, putting in a few pesos, and waiting to see if I’m a winner.  Could it be trouble?   Of course, but only if I spend more than I can afford.  Since I’d already budgeted for a few wanted, but not needed, items the decision was easy and off to find the Plaza Las Americas I decided to go.  It was time to find a taxi.

Now, you will notice that there are no pictures of the casino and that’s for two reasons.  First of those is that the outside is not particularly photogenic.  A large, rather drab wall with the word “casino” across it and the word “winpot” on the lower right hand side is all that one sees.  There were also rather large, uniformed men standing just outside the door so I decided to forgo the opportunity.   I was, however, given permission to take a pic of one of the waiters as long as there were no machines in sight.  My favorite waiter,  Javier, was nice enough to pose for me, briefly, in the midst of his many jaunts back and forth from the center bar and the gambling folks perched in front of their favored machine.

There is a both a smoking and non-smoking section, which helps me to partake in two of my vices at the same time.  I found a machine that seemed to like me and there I sat sipping a vast amount of free coca colas.  I only play the penny and nickle slots so I am often able to last for hours.  But, not this time, “hours” just seemed a bit excessive.  So, after winning back most of what I’d lost, it was time to go.  I’d decided that there were still a few things I wanted so off I went to do a bit of shopping in the mall itself.

Back at Puerto de Playa Del Carmen, with my few bags in hand, the camera came back out.  A plastic, grinning shark is what welcomes those of us who are going to Cozumel.  I’m not quite sure if there’s a message there.  Since it was about time to board I went to stand in line.  I noticed a group of women dressed in traditional garb and, after pointing to my camera, they shyly allowed me to take their picture.  I noticed another group of folks surrounding something and my curiosity got the better of me.  I walked over and saw that they were chatting over their centerpiece, which was a pooch in a purple laundry basket.  The man was even nice enough to allow me to take a photo of his pup and he reached in to hold the dog up for my benefit.  I’m not sure I got its “good side,” but the moment was fun.

It was easy to stay in a good mood on board as well.  Folks were just plain happy whether due to being on vacation, or it was the end of their work day,  who knows, but smiles were everywhere.  And, I’d like to add, something I’ve noticed is that when I’m taking photos many locals want me to take theirs as well.  One family on board were so nice, so much fun, and so eager to pose that I took a bunch of shots.  Although I’ll just put one on here, I want to say that it was hard to choose which one to use..  They were just that much fun to be around.

Once I went up to another deck I ran into a friend of mine.  She told me she was meeting some folks for karaoke and asked me to come along.  I agreed, but with a timeline in mind since it had been hours for my pups to be outside.  Do they have beds, a constant shady area, a bucket and bowls of water, treats?  Yes, but I still worry.  She understood, we agreed on a timeline, and we hailed a cab as soon as we hit shore.

Now, for those that know me, I like to think I can sing.  I can’t.  Back in the days when I consumed the liquid courage I continued to be convinced that Barbara Streisand should be worried.  Now that I tend to avoid the stuff  reality wins.  Of course, that left me with the ability to take pics of those who could actually carry a tune and their audience.

As always, the locals were friendly.  Happy couples were supporting the talented, and just as vigorously, applauded  those without the ability to even carry a tune.  Apparently the only requirement was that someone have the courage to stand at the mike and give it a try.  For a second I was, almost, talked into trying myself.  But, I was having too much fun to put myself, and them, through the experience, so I declined.

A little while later I noticed I was focusing quite a bit on the lighting of all the pretty bottles behind the counter.   Since I also knew that they are the same ones that just might give me that courage to embarrass myself,  I had to pause.   I knew it was time to head home.   It is, after all, a small island.  So, with these thoughts in mind, and eager to see my pups, I headed out for a cab.  It had been another good day in Mexico,  why spoil it, yes?               Salud!

p.s. I hope that taking a bit of literary license is alright since this story is actually the combination of two days.  I’d had more serious things to do on this past Monday so it seemed like a good idea.  Hope you enjoyed!

My demon dog grew wings…………

Living on the island of Cozumel has many advantages.    With her lovely shores, friendly people and exotic foliage it has become the perfect place to start a new life.  But, in spite of everything, there was still something  missing.  Companionship.  Since the furry kind seemed best, for now, off I went to the island’s Humane Society.  And, since this was not my first time going to such a place, I made a decision before I went.  Ask to see the dog who’d been there the longest, or had the most problems and then I’d be less likely to want to adopt them all.  There is always something heartbreaking about walking past a series of cages filled with the hopeful.  I long to be rich and have a huge home to fill with the unwanted.  But, back to this story…….

Once there I was immediately introduced to a dog that had the markings of a doberman, but the temperament of a mouse.  Her tail was between her legs, her head was so low her nose almost hit the ground and she peed herself every single time I tried to reach out.  When asking about her history I discovered that she’d been mistreated and then abandoned while still a puppy, and had then spent the rest of her short life in the Humane Society.  Confident in my abilities, I know better now,  I adopted her and named her Serenity, or Nity for short.

That night she stayed in the corner of my apartment venturing out only to pee in the middle of my floor.  But, to start immediate training seemed a cruel thing to do so I merely cleaned it up while whispering reassurances.  I’d bought a leash and a collar with tags and put them on her the next morning as soon as the sun came up.  It took close to half an hour to get her out the door, and another half hour to get her to walk outside.  Every person that walked, drove, or bicycled past caused her tail to go between her legs just in time to get peed on.  She was not a happy pup.  But, I still had all the confidence that she would emerge from her shell.  It was just going to take some time.

Let’s jump ahead a few months.  I’ve been told that people should be careful what they asked for and, to be honest, I’ve always thought that saying was a bit trite.  I don’t think that anymore.  Nity developed confidence alright, enough confidence that she decided to let me know who was in charge and it wasn’t me.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.   I’d adopted a dachshund I’d seen on a local forum for two reasons.  First, the old girl needed a home and I had a bit of room, and, secondly,  to be a companion to Nity.  It worked miracles.  My mousey dog not only came out of her shell, but she began to challenge her place in the pack.  Not towards Metta, my dachshund, because she loves other animals.  No, her challenge was directed solely towards me and mine.

She began to wake me at 4:00, 5:00, or 6:00 depending on her mood that morning.  Our walks consisted of my arms being stretched in two directions.  One for the doberman wannabe going forward with emphasis, and the other for the dachshund who just wants to sniff and dawdle behind.  The walk, or as I like to think of it, “the tug,” would last about an hour. Once back home I’d feed them.  But, how she still had an appetite after eating shoes, toilet paper, pillows, a fan cord, a yogurt container (with the yogurt still in it that I’d forgotten on the counter), bath rugs, bath towels, sheets, mattress corners, and my plants is anybody’s guess.  Funny thing was, she’d be picky about what I put in her bowl.  A broom handle was tasty, Purina Dog Chow was not.  Who knew?  But, her tail was no longer between her legs to use as a pee stick.  Nope, now she used my bed as her private toilet, the tail was spared.  And I began to question my sanity.

What to do?  I called friends, wrote and asked for help on the local forum Cozumel my Cozumel, read articles online by advocates of whispering and clacking, and talked to the vet.  I got many good suggestions and I did begin to apply a few of them.  And, I want to say that those were what made the difference, but I’d be lying.  No, it was the day of my final meltdown that  caused the biggest change.  And, before I go any further I want to say just one thing, they (the dogs) are a lot smarter than they let on.

There I was, with chewed leaves in my hands, scolding Nity yet again about her latest adventure (she’d destroyed my Bougainvillea) when I broke down.  In tears I sat down on a hot cement deck with Nity in my arms.  While looking her in the eyes I was telling her that I just might have to take her back to the “pound” (the word I used at the time) and was letting her know that things just couldn’t go on like that anymore.  Was I in need of counseling?  Perhaps, but after about a half hour of complete, and unintended, hysteria something happened.  She got up and looked at me, licked my face, and, apparently, made a decision.

So, here we are just a couple of weeks later and I am happy to report that not a single plant, shoe, or fan has been consumed.  My toilet paper remains on the roll, and my newest mattress is still sanitary.  A friend showed me how to walk her and, sure as I’m sitting here, that worked too.  I tell her to go lay down when she gets me up before 6:00 and, yes,  she does it.  Now, she still won’t eat Purina, but she doesn’t eat plastic anymore either.  In fact, for the purpose of this blog I put her on her bed with two choices for a photographic opportunity.  And, yes, it could have been classified as entrapment if it’d worked.  I gave her both a tennis shoe and one of her chewy toys, but it only took a second before she picked the toy.  It’s a miracle!

Now, this is certainly not meant to be advice.  Nor do I think this is the way it should have been handled, I hope to never repeat the performance, but I’m not going to question the results.  Who knows, maybe she just needed to know what my breaking point was?  No matter, I’m happy to report that life is now good for all concerned.  Salud!

Cozumel and the 4th of July

Living in Mexico had long been a dream of mine.   Embracing another culture, learning a new language, celebrating exotic holidays like the Dia de los Muertos had all sounded romantic and many a work day, prior to my retirement,  had been spent in my imagination.    Nothing, however, could have quite prepared me for the reality of today, July 4th,  2012.   Finally, I’m living on the island of Cozumel, but,  as I stood in the center of San Miguel,  I realized that I could just as easily have imagined myself back in the states on this most American day of the year.  How fun is this?  The fourth was always one of my favorite holidays and it looks like I’m not going to miss celebrating it after all.

So, there I was listening to a Mexican singer emulate, sort of, Kurt Cobain, while being accompanied by his enthusiastic band mates.   Standing on the steps of the gazebo, he was surrounded by decorative balloons that were the familiar red, white, and blue of my culture and his audience was, mostly, dressed in like fashion, many clutching miniature American flags.  As the sun began to set, and the crowd began to gather,  I started to walk around.  It looked to be a fun night.

Tables set up next to the gazebo were decorated with cloths and hats, balloons were everywhere, and little shiny stars were being hand glued to drop cloths.  There were large carts set up with American foods like ribs and hot dogs with cold beers to wash them down and attentive hosts were busily moving about.   One couple, Kelly and  Alma, were keeping an eye out for both customers and friends.  They were nice enough to stop and pose for me with big smiles.  In fact, all those around seemed to be smiling and enjoying the festivities.  After just a short while, I ran into someone I’d met at the gym and she began to introduce me to, well,  just about everyone.  I’m thinking she’s either lived here a while, or she’s just plain sociable, maybe both, and, with her help, I was able to meet quite a few of the other expats, although I will never remember all their names.  Still, it seems to be quite a friendly group and I get a strong sense of their camaraderie.

After a while, a few of us walked over to a local pub, Woody’s,  just off the square to sit and listen to their entertainment.  A young man, who was quite good, began to sing Don McLean’s American Pie.  I remember admiring his bravado since, if I remember correctly, that ambitious choice is close to ten minutes long with verses that seem unending.  But, he did a fine job and I thought the selection was perfect.   For me all holidays have their signature song and he’d picked the one that has become a standard for the fourth, at least in my humble opinion.    Everywhere I looked I could see other expats and tourists singing along whether sitting at the tables, or just strolling past.

It was a great atmosphere and certainly one I didn’t want to leave behind, but all good things must come to an end, or so I’ve heard.  After excusing myself, with the hopes of seeing those good folks again, I did my typical last  stroll around to see if there was anything I’d missed.  There was quite a bit, actually, but it was time to head home and let my dogs inside for some air conditioning.  I was looking forward to cooling off myself since the heat was impressive.  It is July in Mexico……….

I stopped to take one final picture of a dog that just might actually be more spoiled than mine.  Then, after showing the image to his proud owner, I put the camera away for the night.   I held up my tiny American flag and waved it at the smiling locals as I headed down the tiny street towards home.

p.s. A big thank you to all who worked so hard to put this celebration together.  I know it made me feel like I was home, in more ways than one.


El Centro

A beautiful morning here in San Miguel on the island of Cozumel.  Here are a few pictures of downtown………….el centro.




It’s still too early for the cruise ship passengers, which makes for a quiet way to start the day.











I stopped for a bit to take a video of the flag curling and unfurling in the wind.  Then I just stood in the center of the plaza and took another video, a 360 shot for a friend from the UK.  He wants to be here, but the finances are tough for him right now.  He’s told me these little snippets seem to help. After turning in a circle, slowly, I noticed that a few of the locals are giving me what is becoming a familiar look; a raised eyebrow accompanied by a friendly smile.  I smile back.






It’s the day after elections here in Mexico.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it seems to be business as usual.




Just a couple more shots and it will be time to head home for a little coffee and a good book.   Yes, it’s good to be retired………..