Wet Wendy’s on a Thursday………..

Due to some recent issues with the sun I have a developed a bit of a vampiric lifestyle.  It’s not that I don’t go outside, I do, but it is usually very early in the morning, or at dusk.   However, since I now live on the island of Cozumel, I am always able to find something interesting to do when I venture out after dark, and last night was no exception.  I had the opportunity to visit a place called Wet Wendy’s located on 5th, quite close to the central park square here in San Miguel.

I’d heard good things about the place, but not being much of a drinker I’m often unfamiliar with taverns.  Simply put, food and entertainment as well as a good atmosphere are all necessary for me to want to stop.  So, with that being said, Wet Wendy’s was a good choice.  My first impression was one of relief since, while walking past, I was greeted by a friendly waiter, but not in an overbearing, pushy manner.  I don’t know about you, but that  insistent “hawker” approach we have around here on occasion does little but guarantee that I won’t stop.   Marco  (I hope I got that right) didn’t push or pull, he was just plain fun.  He did pull out my chair,  and then he chatted and offered me something to drink along with chips and salsa.  All the while he never stopped smiling, and with sincerity.

It was not overly crowded, but it was still a bit early and, frankly,  the size of the group was perfect, for me.  Having already eaten, I know better now,  I didn’t order any food, but I did take a peek at  their menu and, let me tell you,  it is diverse.   Once I put that down it was time to see if my little digital would be able to capture some of the ambiance that included colorful umbrellas, a palapa roof,  plenty of tanned and happy people, and signatures, lots and lots of signatures.  It looked as if everyone who’d ever stopped left their mark somewhere.   Even the support pillars  were starting to become a tablet of choice.

Now, I’m actually a bit on the shy side in certain environments unless I have a camera in my hands.  Probably one of the reasons I do this,  it becomes a great way to meet and greet folks.  It’s also good to know just how many agreed to having their picture taken, but I’m always saddened by how many I have to leave out due to space and size limitations.   Still, here are a few examples of the folks who spent their evening at WW’s and they were all,  without exception, gracious and friendly.  It made the experience quite a bit of fun.

Now, as far as the entertainment goes, there was music, of course.  But, there was also a fortune teller available to help those who wanted to see into their futures.  I wanted to take a picture of her while she gave a reading, but couldn’t quite figure out the protocol.  I settled for taking a shot just as someone sat down so as to not be too much of a distraction.  I’m not sure how that works and didn’t want to rock the boat.

And,  to encourage others to get up and get active, there was also Wii Bowling.  A bit of competition, some friendly teasing, and a real feeling of camaraderie was apparent.    I want to say, some of those guys were pretty good.  If those activities weren’t appealing, you could just wait a little while and meet the owners, Clara (and Chad).  Clara was busily moving about talking to friends and tourists alike, making sure everyone felt at home.  Chad could well have been doing the same, but I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him.   I guess I’m just trying to say that there was a lot to do and see, especially for a shutterbug like me.   But, as all nights do, it had to come to an end at some point.

So, I did one more walk around, and took a few more pictures of the folks.  I could tell that I was putting off the inevitable,   it had been a pleasant night.  Finally, I got my check, walked over to the ATM across the street (Wet Wendy’s doesn’t take credit cards) and paid my bill.  I’m still hoping I left a good enough tip because they were just so nice and friendly.  But, knowing I’ll return, and with an appetite, I’ll make sure to leave a bit more next time, just in case.  I said my goodbyes and, because the weather was quite nice, decided to walk back to Corpus Christi.    Have to admit, it was yet another good night in Cozumel.  Thanks for coming along.   Salud!

p.s. I never receive any compensation for writing these little bits, but I do like to share good experiences!


Wanted to stand corrected on one point.  Wet Wendy’s does indeed take credit cards after all.

9 thoughts on “Wet Wendy’s on a Thursday………..

  1. Try the blackened chicken chipotle burrito or nachos! They are fantastic and oh so tasty! Shoot, everything I’ve ever had on their menu is good. And then, there’s Hungarian night next month – a must and totally authentic thanks to Klara and her mom who will be here from Hungary! Yummmmmy.

    1. I am going back with an appetite, and soon! Those sound great………….curious if there will be a ghoulash, love that (although my spelling of it, not so much:) Thanks for reading……

      1. There is goulash (they spell it differently) on Hungarian night. However, it’s also on the menu every day.

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