The final chapter…………

Living on the island of Cozumel has many advantages.  Good folks, exotic beauty, and quiet afternoons that can be spent in a variety of ways.  For me, it has been the time I’ve used to finish  my first novel.  You see, I’d spent so many years working with others on their writing skills that one of my goals, once I’d retired, was to finally work on my own.  Oh, and the area you see pictured on your left is not just my outside “roof deck,”  it is my current office.   The landlord was nice enough to let me use a couch and table and the rest is just me being eclectic and frugal.  Still, the atmosphere was conducive for work, but in a leisurely manner of course.

Now, I try to keep these posts to other types of experiences I enjoy here in San Miguel.  I’ve written about San Gervasio,  El Centro, Wet Wendy’s, and The Barracuda Hotel.  I’ve been able to talk about the mercado, Sunday nights in the plaza, the beauty of Playa Azul and the pleasure of listening to church bells on Sunday mornings  in Corpus Christi.  I’ve even walked on beaches, strolled through neighborhoods, and photographed very large tubes of beer.  In other words, there has been much to hold my attention and, hopefully, yours.

However, in between time I’ve been working on a nonfiction piece that has caused me many a sleepless night and yet, somehow, a lot of fruitful days.   And I hold Cozumel responsible for giving me just the ambiance I needed to type those final chapters.   No longer will I walk around mumbling phrases worrying my dogs.  Behind me are those struggles with just the right word to capture just the right emotion.  It’s time to close the book,  pardon the pun, and celebrate.  But, before I do so, I wanted to take a moment and wish all of you good reasons to celebrate  as well.  Isn’t life grand?     Salud!

6 thoughts on “The final chapter…………

  1. I’m interested since I generally prefer nonfiction. Is it an article or a book? Also you didn’t seem to give us a hint as what you covered.

    I’ve found your blog from reading CzmMyCzm and am intrigued.


    1. It’s hovering between a novel and a chapbook at 25,000 plus words. But, the narrative is finished, (the hard part, for me anyway) still have to complete prologue and epilogue framework………so, maybe I’ve been a bit premature? The subject is pertaining to abused women who fight back, but are then arrested themselves for assault and battery……. yea, serious stuff…..much evidence supports the fact that there is a backlash resulting from the “new” domestic abuse laws and it needed to be told…….in my humble opinion anyway. But, that’s why this blog has helped me so much; needed the balance. Thanks for reading!

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