A Saturday night on Cozumel………..

So, there I was trying to figure out how to celebrate a personal accomplishment.  I’d finished my first book and that seemed to require two things.  A day off and a night out.  But, since I now live on the island of  Cozumel, I had plenty of choices.  Decisions, decisions.   However, the best one seemed to be the simplest.  Just start out and  see where I end up.  As it turned out, that was the probably the best decision of them all.

Since I like to take photos, but don’t have much of a camera, I started my journey while it was still light out.  Six thirtyish is a good time for pictures on the island, I’ve discovered, so much gets a golden hue.  Now,  I’ve taken many photos of the sunsets here, they are gorgeous, but,  just to be a little different this time,  I pointed my  digital elsewhere.  Walking down the main drag towards downtown I saw a play of light and shadows that caught my eye and I grabbed the shot.

Soon after that I spotted a horse and buggy heading my direction.  How I feel about that particular tourist attraction is another matter, the opportunity was a good one.   Stepping into the street and zooming my lens allowed for a decent  shot.   The horse had blinders on and the driver was looking elsewhere anyway so I just clicked away.

Coming across a place that’s new on the island I decided to stop and take a peek at their menu.  The name is The Thirsty Cougar and I now regret not asking where, or how, they came up with it.  Located oceanside I was pleasantly surprised to see that their prices were quite reasonable.   Although certainly not a fancy place, it still seemed like a good place to stop and get a quick bite and the ambiance was very pleasant.  What a great location to watch the tourists, the boats, and the sunset.

The staff was warm.    Sharon, the manager, was eager to answer questions and to just chat.  It seems that they just opened in January and hold, mostly, daytime hours although they do open back up for two more hours for the sunsets.  Niko, one of the waiters, was also very friendly and they both agreed to pose.  As always, I remain very content with just how easily the people on the island will agree to let me take my pics.

Now,  I usually don’t do this, but the bathroom at The Thirsty Cougar’s looked and smelled so clean that I just had to take a shot of that too.  I don’t know about you, but one thing I appreciate is a clean restroom and theirs qualified.  Now I’ve heard that someone has authored a coffee table book on restrooms alone, he might well have appreciated it too and, frankly, I wish I’d thought of it.

Once the sun was almost down I continued my trek towards the center of town.  Since I’d already taken a shot of a live horse it seemed like a good idea to shoot a molded equine as well, even if it was just a mule.  Please don’t ask me the name of the store, I didn’t think to look, but it was much easier to shoot since it wasn’t moving.  Once I’d finished leaning over, angling for the best light and shooting the picture I looked up and saw the store owner had that familiar expression that many of them get down here.  Amused, patient, and a bit of curiosity at my subject matter.  I smiled in return and kept going.

My next stop was at Wet Wendy’s.  I know they have a movie night and I’d wanted to confirm that it was on a Monday and to find out what was showing.  It’s going to be one of my favorites, Airplane, and I’m looking forward to the many quotable lines with the accompanying laughter.  Since I’d already taken quite a few pics there I settled for a shot of their permanent customer.  A bit of nudity, but I decided to take a chance anyway.  After that I asked if they knew of any place that had a pool table.  One of the customers assured me that Zocala’s did and they were also located oceanside.  It sounded like a plan and off I went.   Although I’m not that good of a player, most times, I still miss the game.

How glad I became that Zocala was suggested although I do want to mention that it was nice and quiet when I first began to play.  The tables are on their own floor, away from the bar area, and this rusty player was glad for the privacy.   However, an hour or so later, things began to heat up.  Now, there were some tourists there, but it seemed as if locals loved the place as well.    Folks in their Saturday night attire stood underneath the star and moon lights that were everywhere. Great pics of old-time Mexican actors were on the walls,  and the bottles in the middle of the bar seemed to glow on their own.  The music was loud and the televisions played the accompanying videos.  But, as if this wasn’t enough, not much later the smoke machines started to send out just enough to add even more to the atmosphere.

That was when the dancing began.  Maybe the smoke is a signal?  The best part was that the dancing was not just kept to the floor.  It seemed that the tables were fair game as well.  People were just having fun and even though I am a little, older lady with short grayish hair, they included me in their fun.  In fact, once very large sombreros were handed out for the line dancers circling the bar I felt one being plopped on my head, and I was required to dance along with them.  Have to admit, it’s been a long time since I did anything like that, but who was I to argue?   Besides, the looks I got made the experience worth it.

Once back at my seat someone tapped me on the shoulder and pointed behind me.  I turned and saw a half-naked and masked man holding another in a headlock.  Yep, it was time for me to wonder what they’d put in my coke (nothing, of course) and gather my stuff to head home.  A smile exchanged with the people around me and I headed down the stairs.  With the smile still on my face I headed for a taxi.  Yes, at the risk of sounding monotonous, it was another good night on the island of Cozumel.   Salud!

p.s. I am never compensated for these little articles, but I do like to share a good experience

4 thoughts on “A Saturday night on Cozumel………..

  1. Fun stuff!! We discovered the Zocalo the other night and their drinks are VERY good. Did you know that Wet Wendy´s owns the Thirsty Cougar?

    1. You know…….it wasn’t until I was cropping their picture (The Thirsty Cougar) this morning that I saw the name Wet Wendy’s on the lower part of their sign. Sheesh, seems as if I’m trying to promote, but I honestly had no idea. And, yea, Zocala was a hoot……..if I was a serious drinker I’d be there all the time……..thanks for reading

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