The moon and mirrors

Well, it was a full moon on the tropical island of Cozumel and I’d had a good week.  What’s one more night on the town, yes?  That was my thought,  and it seemed to be a good idea to go to a tavern, or two, that I’d not yet visited.   So, dogs walked, shower taken, clothes tossed on and out the door I went with no idea of my destination.   However,  I also made the decision that this would be my last night of exploration, for a while anyway.   I’m usually down for the day by nine and, frankly, my pillow covered bed and the remote were both looking pretty darn good.

The first place I headed to is called el Muellecito, which means the pier, and is located next to Rolandi’s on Melgar.   I walked up the stairs and was immediately aware of just how many young people there are on this island.  If I didn’t know any better I would have thought it was a flash mob of everyone under the age of thirty.  There was  the obligatory loud music, although not so loud as to drown out conversation, lots of waiters and areas both outside and in.   Although the atmosphere was casual many were quite well dressed and everyone seemed to know everyone else.  Young people went from table to table giving each other those airy cheek kisses, exchanging a few words, and carrying colorful drinks.

My waiter, Fernando, didn’t quite understand my request for a virgin drink (it was a bit early in the evening).   However, he did speak English, and I know a bit in Spanish, so we finally figured it out, but only with a lot of patience on his part.  He was nice enough to give me a small table in the back of the one room where I could just sit back and take it all in.  My camera came out, of course, and I started to get a few group shots, mood shots, and some pics of the fish on the walls.  Before long Fernando came back with a tropical dessert drink that I never did learn the name of, but it had a lot of strawberries and cream and was quite good.

Although everyone was pleasant enough, I was beginning to feel my age.  The fact that most of the customers were younger than my kids was cemented when I went into the restroom and two very pretty, and very young girls were touching up their makeup.  They politely moved aside for me to wash my hands, but, looking into the mirror, I just happened to catch them give each other a bit of a glance.  If I was them, I’d wonder too, this was not  a preferred place for retirees, but would be great for their grandchildren.  I paid for my dessert/drink and headed for another destination.

Now, I’d heard a lot about a place called The French Quarter located much closer to el centro on 5 av between 3 and Salas.  Apparently they have great food, celebrate  happy hour, and  they are also considered both a sports bar and a cajun restaurant.  Sounded like fun and I started off in their direction with the hopes that it would be a bit more age appropriate, for me.   The streets were quiet and the weather was mild, which made it quite a pleasant walk and it didn’t take more than about fifteen minutes to get there.

I took a quick pic outside and walked in and was immediately curious about their ability to be all the great things I’d heard.  Frankly, it just didn’t look big enough and I mentioned that to the woman at the bar.  She smiled and suggested that I take a peek upstairs.  Was I in for a surprise.  There was another bar, a large outdoor area with a canopy and lights, and an inside area that even had a pool table.   It had all I could hope for and the folks there were just the right age, younger,  in-between and older.   I started my usual tour to ask for photos and was, yet again, happy to see how many obliged.

There was a young couple at the bar and we chatted for a bit.  They seemed quite content and were happy to talk about their day, which included the young man’s work towards achieving the rank of dive master.  Seems they’d met here on the island and there appeared to be no regrets.

Another family downstairs was also having a good night and were even nice enough to gather together for a quick pic.  And, I’d like to mention that it’s good to see families vacationing together and actually enjoying it.  After that  it was time for a couple more shots of the wall art, which was very appealing, a peek at their menu, and a pic or two of their mood lighting and the experience became memorable.

But, this might be the time to mention that there are two reasons why I just have something to drink, but rarely test the menus.  The first reason, and the short version, is that I’m not a foodie.  Give me a jar of Jif peanut butter, a spoon, and a glass of cold milk and I’m a happy woman.  And, even the milk is optional.  I love to write about experiences, but am absolutely not qualified to talk about the many, varied choices available on Cozumel.  So, I don’t.  But, I do hear that The French Quarter’s cuisine is something to rave about and I will choose to believe those who are far more expert in those matters.  The second reason is that I’m also on a budget,  but that’s a story for another day.

Since it was still quite early I decided to make the trek to one last spot that I had only mentioned once before, in passing, but seemed to require a closer look due to all the good things I’d heard recently.   I’m talking about Woody’s Bar and Grill on 5 and 10 just off the center plaza, and they were in full swing.  There was a band and they were quite good.  The lead singer’s voice was clear and the lead guitarist was quite enthusiastic.  That’s a combination I always enjoy so I took a seat.

The crowd at Woody’s was quite diverse and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.  One of the owners, I believe her name is Nellie, stopped by my table, as she did others,  and she was charming.  I didn’t want to take up too much of her time because I could see she was quite busy, but it was nice of her to chat.  I stepped away from my table for a second so I could get a shot of the full moon just over the top of the block and realized that my next purchase will be a better camera.  I’ve seen some full moon shots that are gorgeous and I want to take one in the future.  Still, it competed nicely with the street lights and I was happy with what I got, but, once I was finished, I knew  it was time to start heading home.

A couple more quick pics and I gathered my things.  Time to walk home, let the dogs out, and put my remote to work.   So, with the full moon in full view I headed south to Corpus Christi.  What can I say?  Another good night in Cozumel and let me say thanks for coming along.   Salud!p.s. I am never compensated for these little tidbits, but I do enjoy sharing good nights

7 thoughts on “The moon and mirrors

  1. Maria! I loved this evening tour…people watching is a favorite social ‘sport’ of mine!! Had to giggle at the Jif and milk remark as I am the same…went thru another kg of honey dates yesterday so today I am painting a bookcase and staying close to the loo!! Glad you are posting your writing…I feel as though I am right there! Wouldn’t that be fun? Two acid tongues out on the town! Yippeeeee! xx

  2. OK, I just bought a jar of Jif and can’t stop thinking about it now! Thanks for another great tour. I happen to love both French Quarter and Woody’s (I’m close to a regulary at Woody’s on Wednesday). Nelly is so sweet and charming…I just love her. The owners at FQ are great as well (David and Fran). I’m about to head to my #1 spot, which is Buccano’s, for dinner. Too bad you aren’t a foodie…we could talk for hours about Ines, Anne, Luis, Martin, Bosco, the food, the sunset…OMG gotta get out of here NOW! :o)

    1. Hope you have a great night……….funny story, my ex-husband knew just how important that first teaspoon of Jif was, just like the commercial, they are the best, so when we had a fight I’d open up my “new” jar and there would be finger holes all over the place, lol

  3. Thanks for the tour! I haven’t been the The French Quarter – but will be putting it on my list for the next visit. I especially like that they have an Aggie (Texas A&M) flag flying outside – being an Aggie, I didn’t notice the others ;-p Hope your break from the blog isn’t too long!

    1. I think you’ll like it, seems to be one of the hot spots on the island…….and I won’t be away too long, but will probably be focusing on something else for a while…….can only have so much fun 😉 Thanks for reading!

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