My Sunday Morning……….

As a woman who attended an all girls,  Catholic boarding school (for six years – my parents had a sense of humor)  let’s just say that I’m aware of the significance of Sundays.  In fact, until I was fourteen years of age I’d considered becoming a nun, which would be laughable to you if you saw me today.  I currently sport something close to a shaved head, have a few tattoos, and a tendency to dress according to the temperature and not social standards, all of which would not bring to mind a devotee.  However, I am, just in a different way.  Without discussing current beliefs, my upbringing has made its mark and, no matter my thoughts, I still look at the day as special.  I just show my devotion in other ways, one in particular being through my attempts to photograph the beauty we have around us.

Living on the island of Cozumel  makes that easy to accomplish.  There is much here to admire, and much that could make us believe in something, if we don’t already.  This morning, in particular, while “walking” with my dogs I saw the sunrise play off the church here in Corpus Christi.  This caused me to walk my guys back home fairly quickly, which, I’d like to mention, they weren’t so happy about,  just so that I could grab my camera.   It was still early enough that the attendees weren’t present, but the doors were open.  I started to take some pics, but have to mention that I just couldn’t get myself to go inside to snap a few.  My upbringing simply won’t allow me to play tourist in “the house of God.” So I stayed safely on the other side of the entryway, just in case.

It’s a rather unique building in the sense of being so large that it could become intimidating, but, due to being painted several different colors, still remains friendly.  In other words, the imposing, paired towers, along with the front  are yellow, but the rest is a rather salmon, or pinkish shade.  Not sure of the reason, but it just  might be cost prohibitive simply due to its size.   Inside there is the same slight argument between traditional and contemporary stages due to the expected stain glass windows, but with a Christ that hangs between them on a modernized, glass cross.

Why I often pick this church as subject matter is simple, it’s always busy and I live just across the street.  And, to say that this church is the hub of activities would be an understatement.   Whether there are weddings, funerals, choir practice, or the services themselves, there is always something going on.  This morning I hung around long enough that the locals began to arrive, but they merely smiled, or nodded their heads, seemingly accustomed to the church being photographed.  And, many seem quite proud of their church, understandably.

Once I got another shot, or two the sun was beginning to peek up over the top of the surrounding buildings so I went around to the side where they have an abundance of white morning glories, and red hyacinths.  I just love the flowers down here, they are gorgeous and plentiful, it is a metaphorical Eden. That being said I noticed that  I started to  snap a few shots from angles I wouldn’t normally focus on.  My idea of devotion and fun, although I do wonder what I was thinking when I snapped the church through the wire fence.  Maybe I could help another therapist to get a new car?  Nah, it was just fun.

Then I spotted them.  The perfect floral arrangement of four flowers clustered together like a corsage.   They were located just around the corner and I simply had to see what I could get.  The sun hadn’t made it over the rooftops, yet, so I started to play with my camera, flash, focus, all the things that make me smile.  Afterwards though, as I stood there looking at the pics, I realized I wanted to compare the difference in lighting, which meant hanging around on the street corner for a bit.  But, on a Sunday, in shorts, next to a church I was fairly certain no-one would mistake my intentions so I just waited.  It took about half an hour, but I’ll post the sunlit version too, and let you decide if the wait was worth it.

By then it was time to head home.  But, there was a hyacinth just over there in full sunlight, absolutely had to acknowledge that, and one of my humble house plants had managed to capture a few dew drops on its furry leaves, so I took that as well.  All in all, an enjoyable morning of photos with the added touch of hymnals being sung in the background by the truly devout.  A great start to the day,  thanks for coming along.    Salud!

2 thoughts on “My Sunday Morning……….

  1. Thanks again. You have a wonderful way of explaining your adventures. Hopefully your book will be published. Was it fiction,I do not recall what the subject was other than to be able to tell by the way you describe things that you are detail orientated.

    1. I might be answering in two different places, but the sentiment is the same…… book is non-fiction and much more serious in tone, so quite different from what I write for the purposes of this particular blog, but appreciate the kind words…………if published I will certainly let you know, keep your fingers crossed 🙂

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