Around the corners at Buccanos

It’s nice living on Cozumel, especially once you get to know a few folks who’ve been here for a while.  They are the ones “in the know” and I’m listening to their recommendations.  Let me mention that no-one has steered me wrong yet.    One of those kind folks had mentioned that a small group might go to Buccanos on Sunday afternoon and told me that, if they went, I was welcome to join them.  She is, apparently,  quite fond of the place and spoke so highly about it that I was psyched.  Now, plans change, but once a seed is planted in my mind, and has grown out of enthusiasm, there is no stopping me.  I decided to go anyway, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.  Buccanos, on the northern end of the island, is just a wondrous place for a variety of reasons.  Oh, and let me mention that the fun pics come a little later if you want to get a real feel for the place.

It was, once, a very popular hotel, but the main building is slightly decrepit  and now merely houses a few permanent residents, so that is not necessarily the reason to visit.  But, while walking down the dirt road that leads to the social area, one can get an idea of just how great this visit might be, it is just so quiet and serene.  Tucked far back from the main road I could actually hear the palm trees rustle in the breeze.  Soon I came upon a fountain and I just sat on the edge listening for a while.  I still couldn’t hear where the people might be,  just the leaves brushing against each other and the sound of the water.

Once I tore myself away from that I rounded the corner and saw the entry way, which is huge and built from stone with wooden beams for a ceiling. Going to the left I saw the bar and ordered a drink from Oscar, the bartender, and then picked a spot where I could just take it all in and there are a lot of choices.  In this first area I just looked around at the furniture, which is not only comfortable, but fun.  Everything is covered in lush, tropical colors.   This ambiance is aided by the  open air effect with  stone archways, creative lights, and decorative ceiling fans that help to keep the place quite comfortable.   And, somehow, this combination helps to insulate one from the sounds of those who are enjoying the pool, even though the pool itself is in full view, a mere thirty feet away, or so.   However, this picture of their pool was taken from the next floor up once I started to explore, which I highly suggest everyone do that visits, there are special touches around just about every corner.

No, it didn’t take long for me to start walking about.  Since it was still too sunny and warm for me, I remained “inside.”  Walking past the bar and turning a bit to the left is when one can see the dining room.  There are a multitude of wooden tables and chairs where folks can sit and  dine while watching the ships, yachts, or fishing boats pass by.  The view is incredible.  I’d also heard their food is too and took a  quick peek at the menu, but, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a foodie.  Still, since hearing about a certain dish, macaroni and cheese with lobster, I know I’ll be going back.  Not sure who thought of that combination, but kudos to you.  I digress. Since I won’t be eating,  this time, it’s really is all about the surroundings, so I put down the menu and kept going.

First thing I noticed is that there is a love of mural art.  This piece on the left is from the main dining area, just in case you don’t want to look at the ocean.  And, there are more.  In addition to those, there are many of the little things that add even more of a sense of magic.  I know that’s an over used word, but, in this case, it’s appropriate.  There are a variety of places one can walk to find that perfect quiet spot,  admire  vases filled with greenery, or maybe stop and listen to their inside grotto area complete with a waterfall.   It seemed as if every time I turned another corner there was something worth photographing, or just to enjoy.  I was in heaven.  It was late in the afternoon, which is a great time to take a few pictures, it was comfortably protected from the heat, and it all continued to encourage exploration.  I must have wandered about taking pictures and enjoying the breeze for an hour.  It was time to head back to the poolside and see if I could get a few pictures of the people that come to Buccanos.

On my way back I came across a little path seemingly carved out of the rain forest itself.  I was tempted, but knew that I could just keep going when in that kind of a mood, so I refrained.  I settled for a couple more colorful shots while winding back around.  And, an old horse drawn cart also caught my eye.  It was a bit dark, and my camera has its limitations, but I gave it a try anyway.  Well, as mentioned, it was time to check out the folks who were enjoying the outside pool, sunning areas, and the stone pier located just a short distance away.  The first group that caught my eye consisted of ladies playing cards at an umbrella table while enjoying their meals.  Very friendly, and obviously having a good time, they readily agreed to a pic.   After that I noticed a young couple sitting apart from everyone just enjoying the view and each other.  I took their shot with my zoom because I just didn’t want to disturb them, they seemed too content to interrupt.  A few minutes later I noticed a young mother with her sleepy child.  When I pointed to my camera and gave her my usual shrug of askance, she agreed.  What a beautiful child.  He was also a great example of just how serene it is at Buccanos.  Nothing was loud enough to disturb him.

After those few moments I headed off to the restroom.  Once I opened the door I started to smile.  There is art in there as well.  A pretty sculpture is placed next to a full-length mirror for effect.  These folks are, obviously, very detail oriented.  So, there I was, in the restroom taking photos, but, why not?

Now, since it was Sunday, they were closing at 5:00.  But, I’d heard much about their sunset view and wanted to capture an example.  So, I walked just a bit down the beach and the rocky area so that I was off the property, I hope.   Glad to have remembered my bug spray, I just sat in between the hotel and a private house that looks amazing.  For me the wait was worth it and this might just be the photo I will use when I have a mural painted on my deck wall next month.  

Yes, Sunday was a good day all around, and thanks for coming along with me………….Salud!

p.s. I am never compensated for these little bits, but like to share good experiences

6 thoughts on “Around the corners at Buccanos

  1. Thanks maria, very enjoyable walk thru your world, one which I would have loved to experience myself….who’s to say, perhaps one day! I also love sharing this with friends,
    Have a grand wonderful lif my dear friend, love ys, Doug

  2. Very nice piece about one of my favorite places on the island. You really captured the essence of Buccano’s – serenity. There’s nothing else like it. Thanks, Maria.

  3. Another great piece – words and photos. One of my favorite places to hang out and have something to eat. I am glad you enjoyed Buccano’s! I read this first on Facebook – they liked it so much they posted it! Congratulations!

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