Just had to take a second look……..

Living on the island of Cozumel makes for a variety of choices.  Whether you are a diver, a runner,  a foodie, a drinker, or just like to wander about, there is something for everyone.  So why would someone who writes a blog about this island risk repeating herself when there are so many options?  Because the location was just that good the first time around. Yes, I’m talking about Buccanos, again, but I have an excuse.  It was a blue moon night, I was invited,  and it was the last weekend they would be open for dinners until November.

I was accompanied by the friend who’d recommended Buccanos in the first place.  I’d mention her name, but she once joked that she was in a witness protection program, so, just in case,  I’ll leave it be (she says with a wink).  Although we started about 6ish, I’d, as usual, forgotten something so we had to return to my apartment.  Once I had everything I needed, we set off about 6:30, or so, and arrived just in time to watch the pirate ship that slowly sails past at sunset.  It was fun to see just how many of us lined up with our cameras to get that perfect shot. And, just in case we missed it,  I think many of us were happy that it turned around and went past us again.

The tables had been arranged next to the pool so guests could, literally, eat under the stars.  And, the fact that there was a blue moon rising just made the evening that much better.  Anne, the hostess, immediately stopped by our table and made us feel welcome.  It became quite obvious that she and my friend had met before and, while they chatted, I just stared at Anne’s earrings with a bit of envy.  They were quite unusual;  long silver strands with turquoise feathers that stood out against her white dress.  She was kind enough to let me take a picture of her, and them, which made for a good start to the evening.

Soon after, Ines  (she and her husband, Juan, are the owners) also stopped by to say hello.  I found out it was her birthday and wondered how she felt working on her special day.  But, she was obviously enjoying herself and was kind enough to spend some time at our table.  Since my dinner companion doesn’t eat much, or so I was told, Ines was making sure  that she would order something that she’d enjoy.  They decided on the duck with a special, and spicy, sauce.  Me?  I ordered the mahi mahi with fresh broccoli that  lay on a bed of pasta with black olives and a variety of spices.  It was absolutely delicious.  Maybe there is something to being a foodie after all?  A question to answer another day, I suppose.  However, I do know that I would need to learn how to describe food much better than what you just read.  So, since I don’t know the right words let me say, once again, that it was wonderful.

While we were eating people frequently stopped by to say hello, which made for a fun time.   My friend seems to know just about everyone and I could only hope that I’ll remember their names if I see them again.  Then a couple, unknown to both of us, were taking each others’ picture fairly close to our table and my companion offered to take a photo of them together.  A little later we sat with them and they told us what they’d done on their vacation.  As is often the case, this was a repeat visit to the island.  If I remember correctly, I believe they’ve been coming for close to a decade now. As we talked a bit more the gentleman was nice enough to mention that he’d read my blog in the past.  I always enjoy it when someone mentions they like something that I’ve written, but I’m never quite sure how to respond.   Still, it was nice to hear.

But, it was time for me to walk around and snap a few more pics before we left,  so  I grabbed my camera and off I went.  I noticed that there were some lights that left little geometric shapes on the walls and I focused on those at first.  Then there were those  little touches that can be found everywhere.  A floral arrangement here, a grotto over there, it was just as magical at night, if not more so.   Once again I noticed that it was easy to just wander and explore.

After sitting and listening to the waterfall from the grotto for a few minutes I decided that one of my closing shots should be taken from the next floor up.  I climbed the stairs and headed over to where I could get a bird’s eye view of the dining area and the pool.  It turned out to be a good idea, in my opinion anyway.  I took the shot and then just stood there for a moment listening to the folks talking and laughing.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and I just stood still for a moment to take it all in.

But, I’d been gone for a while and it was time to head back to the table.  I did my usual last minute look around and took just a couple more shots.  Then we said our goodbyes to Anne and Ines, grabbed our things and headed to the car.  But, still, the moon was high, the breeze was strong and steady, but nothing could change the fact that the night was over.  Yes, it was another good time at Buccanos and I know that I will be looking forward to when they start serving dinners again.   Salud!

p.s. thank you Anne, Ines, and Juan for making it such a special night!

12 thoughts on “Just had to take a second look……..

  1. Anne is the BEST! She arranged one of the great all time birthday dinners for my husband. Thank you for your patients Anne. What Ines does is create food fantasies. With each bite, you are transported to food haven.
    I am so happy you went back, we will have to wait until November to take a voyage into heaven at Buccanos.

  2. I’m so glad you went back. It was a spectacular closing weekend; so spectacular that we had to go both nights! Duck on Friday, Lobster Tempura on Saturday. Life just doesn’t get any better than the food, ambiance, and people at Buccano’s. Ines & Juan have made a tremendous success of it.

    A humorous aside: when I came to your table to say hello, and you said “I know who you are this time,” I had an Oldtimer’s moment and didn’t know who YOU were! I knew I had met you before, but couldn’t place it. So, third time is a charm. I’ll look forward to running into you soon!

    1. Don’t you just love when that happens? Next time we’ll both be “in the know,” I hope:) And, yes, they’ve certainly created a terrific haven and I’m sure I will be back as well…………take care, Kandy

  3. You really are too kind…….but, glad you liked them (I wasn’t all that happy with my pics). However, I have a new camera picked out that will give me no excuses…..dang it. And, yea, they will be open again in November, although they will still be open pool hours…10-5…………..great place, yes?

  4. Thank you for mentioning us kindly in your blog. we enjoyed meeting you and your friend on the blue moon Friday night. Hope to see you again the third week of feb.

    Maybe your book will be out by then.
    Butch and Debbie

    1. Hi guys, it was fun meeting you as well………….and what a great place to do so……hope to see you folks next turn around (and, wouldn’t it be nice if my book was out by then, will be buying the drinks if that’s the case:)

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