A Weekend Walkabout

Well, it took selling some stuff, and saving some more, but I got my new toy and it’s a beauty.  A Fuji S2980 that might help me to take some better photos.  But,  I also learned something and that is that I have a lot to learn.  More bells and whistles means more reading and if there is one thing I do not like, it’s instructional manuals.  But, I live on the island of Cozumel and, even if I ignored much of the manual, I will have lots of time to practice.  There are so many photographic moments to be had here so off I went for a night and a day.

Cozumel has been celebrating the Mexican day of independence for about a week now.  With cannons going off sometime around 5 a.m. (I don’t get it either and it just plain made my dogs pissy) the days began.  Parades, carnival rides, dancing in el centro, and lots of flags showed us just how serious the locals take this holiday.  It was a good time to get some practice in so I headed downtown Friday evening to see the fun.

The plaza in the center of town was filled to the brim with rides, games, food, and auctions.  But, spaces to walk safely were not as plentiful so it was important to keep an eye out.  It seemed that everywhere I looked kids were running, adults were laughing, and the rides were spinning.  Whether it was a train ride for the little ones, or a huge ride that depended on centrifugal force, there was something for everyone.

And the colors were something to behold.  Mexicans love colored lights, which is, I am assuming, one of the reasons that I often see Christmas lights up year round.  All one had to do was turn another direction and a whole new color scheme was announced.  It made for a lot of practice with my new toy.  But, and let me mention how grateful I am, backing up to get the perfect shot could be hazardous.  I was doing exactly that and a gentleman suddenly pushed me forwards since it seemed that I was backing right into a spinning ride that would have hurt, a lot.  Let’s just say there were a lot more rides than there were safety fences.  After that moment it seemed a good idea to go and relax at Woody’s Bar and Grill, just off the main plaza,  where Fernando Gonzalez was singing to others who were also taking a break.  It was a great idea since he is quite talented and his ballads were wondrous.   Pairing his songs with a cold one was a great end to the evening.

Still, I had to see what my Fuji and I could do in the daylight, so I headed back out early the next morning to see what was up.  The first thing I saw was a woman getting ready to get on her moped.  Now, down here that is a very common occurrence.  However, since she seemed a bit closer to my age than the usual moped driver I asked her if I could get a shot.  She immediately struck a pose and the day began.

Now, I realized that I was skipping an important step with photography, and that is to scout out the subjects ahead of time.  But, that is about as interesting to me as instructional manuals so I decided to just wing it.  There will be a time that I will do both, but for now I decided that I like the day-to-day stuff that occurs on the island anyway.  So I just walked along grabbing pics here and there of the mundane.  A store over here, a fence with flowers over there, a cross that stuck up from the wall of the cemetery.  There was a lot to see, especially in the early morning light.

One thing I did notice, however,  was that, even in the end of September, it was getting quite warm once the sun was peeking over the rooftops. I was surprised there was still that much heat, but the cooler months are ahead and I am looking forward to running around in a t-shirt and jeans without feeling as if I need a portable shower.  Still, after only about an hour, it was time to start heading back home.

Coming around the corner by the emergency room on calle 13 I was already hugging the walls for the remaining shade.  But, there was a pleasant surprise just before I got to my home on Xel Ha in Corpus Christi.  On calle 15 bis C there is a new cocina.  They serve empanadas and burritos among other things, but the owner was nice enough to tell me they will also be serving my favorite on Mondays, flautas.  She told me they will be open from 8 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon every day.  I was able to take a pic of her while a young man made my order fresh.  I also leafed through the Tupperware catalogue she nudged my way while she patiently listened to my attempts at conversation.  Finally, I grabbed my bag of super fresh empanadas and walked the final steps home.  Sitting on my deck I finished them off, and I can assure you they were excellent (I tried the cheese and the one stuffed with potatoes).  Yes, I’ve found my new luncheon spot on the island of Cozumel, and now it’s time to see what my pics look like.

After a quick look, I’ve decided that I’m not disappointed, but it seems I will be looking at the manual after all.  I’m still not quite where I want to be, but sometimes admitting I need the help is the first step, or so I hear.  Meanwhile, hope you enjoyed my neighborhood, and thanks for coming along…………….Salud!

4 thoughts on “A Weekend Walkabout

  1. Great! Love your new photos and happy for you that you got a new camera! I enjoy reading about your adventures! Wish I could join you …

  2. Glad you liked the blog…………….the pics still need some work, but that’s the fun………and you should definitely visit Cozumel whenever you get the chance 🙂

  3. I do visit Cozumel whenever I can. Unfortunately, work gets in the way of my permanent vaction plans. I try to get there a couple of times a year. In the meantime, I can follow your blog!

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