There’s a new place in town……….

I currently live on the island of Cozumel and a few weeks ago a friend asked me to join her at a new sports bar.  The place had just opened, a good friend of hers was the bartender, and she wanted to show her support.  Always happy to tag along I was brought to the No Name Sports Bar on Melgar, just across the street from the Mega.  It’s a cozy place with lots of tables and televisions as well as a horseshoe shaped bar and a backdoor peek at the sunset. It is the newest place in town to get that sports fix that so many seem to crave whether residents, or tourists.  I was, as always, introduced to just about everyone in the place and I did what I usually do, I just sat back and enjoyed. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I returned just a few days back with my camera.  I thought I’d capture a few pics of the place and the people during the game so that I could pass the info along.

Jan, the bartender, greeted me at the door as soon as I walked in.  She’s quite friendly, remembered me, posed on request, and then  brought me a drink in a matter of just a few moments.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  And, since it was a Monday night, I had assumed it would be a good night to check out how quickly other folks were discovering the place.  Meanwhile, since I was still ahead of the game, I stepped out their back door for a second to take a few shots of the sunset. I have a new camera that I’m still learning about and I decided it was good practice. There is a pool bar out there as well as a great view of the ocean, so I clicked away for a few moments without ever having to leave the doorway.

Not long after that people started to arrive to stake their claim for viewing of one of the four flat screens.  Single guys, groups, couples, and a few solo customers began to fill the place.  Many seemed to know each other, but there were some, like me, who didn’t know everyone’s name.  Still, I’m happy to say, I felt included and the folks were quite friendly.  They easily agreed to have their pics taken, and a few even decided to take that extra step with the experience.  I’m speaking of one particular table where the guys just decided to regress a little and have a great time.  They were having fun, and  shared  contagious smiles, which is always a good combination.

Now, I didn’t stay for the whole evening, and, to be quite honest, I have to admit I’m not a football fan.  In fact, I’d been a “football widow” for enough years that I’d have to be hard pressed to enjoy the game.  But, I like new places and friendly people so I managed to stick it out for about an hour, or so.  I talked with a few folks briefly, had another drink, and was able to leave before the real cheering began.  In fact, I wish I could tell you who was playing, but I’m not even sure.   There’s a reason I’m not a sports writer.  Still, a good time was had and I’m glad you came along.  Salud!

p.s. I am never compensated for these little tidbits, but I do like to share good experiences!

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