sepia yogaThe island of Cozumel has become my home.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with our little taste of paradise, Cozumel is a tropical island in Mexico that is filled with lush beauty, friendly locals, and a booming expat community.  This combination has encouraged me to not look back.  But, as with all forms of paradise, there is a price and, in this case, it is saying goodbye to the first friend that I had made when I’d moved here (she’s in the picture on your right).   Her name is Lisa, and she is a lovely person who’d  shared her island experiences and helped me to feel welcome when I’d first arrived.  But, now it’s her time to leave.  What’s nice, however, is that on this island it seems that a goodbye isn’t filled with tears, it’s the time when folks throw a party to celebrate the future.  Last night was that party and I thought I’d share just a few pics and thoughts from the festivities.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll recognize some of the folks!

interior treeThe party was held in a condominium on the northern end of the island.   It’s a lovely home filled with the owner’s unique and artistic details and, along with those, has a lovely view of the ocean as well.  Soon it was filled with the well wishers who brought smiles, and some great food.   And, at this time, let me mention that among the tasty potluck contributions there was a homemade chocolate cake that I wanted to just roll around in.  I’m not usually that perverse when it comes to food, but it was just so good that I almost had to eat it in private.  I stopped after two pieces, but I’m still not sure how I had that much willpower, and I still regret not taking one for the road.

Not one to mingle all that easily at these types of functions (I’m never quite sure what to say) I am often abletaking pictures to overcome my shyness through a camera.   So, friendsthat said, you know I started to snap a few shots almost immediately.  As always, folks were quite accommodating and I was able to capture a few shots for posterity.   People flowed from the kitchen through the entertainment area and out to the deck and balcony. And, all this was while the owner’s pups either happily ran in between, or lounged on the couches being lavished with attention.  If it weren’t for that chocolate cake, I’d want to be one of those dogs in my next life.  But, I’m just not willing to give up that cake.  And, yes, it was good enough to mention again.

groupWithin an hour the place was packed.   Many of the guests had been students in Lisa’s yoga classes whereas others knew her from thelounging eight years she’d lived on the island.  However they’d come to know her, though, it was quite wonderful to see how many showed to wish her well.  And, while trying to take as many pics as I could, I had the opportunity to meet many new folks myself.  Since I’ve only been here for ten months, and I’ve been hibernating with a writing project for many weeks now, I haven’t had the ability to meet anyone new for a while.  In fact, I’d even put my blog on hold to better hibernate and focus so I was relishing this opportunity to get out and about.

more friendsHowever,  it soon proved to be a bit of a mixed blessing as well since, once again, it was confirmed that the world really is a very small place.  While talking with one party goer it was discovered, during the typical “meet and greet” conversations that we have at such things, thatgood friends she’d attended  high school with my former husband.  Yes, it was an experience that was both fun (since she was nice), and a little disconcerting (since, in my humble opinion, he is, well, you know how it can be with exes).   And my head wouldn’t stop playing that annoying Disney song.

But, soon it was time to go.  A quick walk around to say goodbye, grab a few last pictures, and share a final hug with a good friend.   I will miss her, she’d welcomed me in true island fashion.  So, here’s to a bright new future for her, and for all of us as well……………salud!

sepia face

p.s.  a special thanks to Deborah for opening up her lovely home!

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