You know you’re on Cozumel when………


You know you’re on Cozumel when:

1.  the sound of a bicycle bell makes you hungry for ice cream

2.  the sighting of a lemon is publicly posted

3.  your personal fragrance contains deet

4.  you’re learning how to cook lionfish – fifteen different ways

5.  you no longer notice when a family of five is on just one moped

6.  hearing “beep, beep, beep, bp, beeeeeeeeeeep” makes you grab the water bottles

7.  finding a puffer fish is easier than unwrapping the cheese from the Chedraui deli

8.  you know what a “Chedruai” is……

9.  a mule is what you call someone who brings you Miracle Whip

10. hearing a whistle causes you to look for knives

11. you realize you could get rich if you had Butterfingers to sell

12. all your friends smell like cloves

13. calling folks” trashy” is a compliment

14. you use limes as an ant deterrent

15. finding a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese makes you want to break out a bottle of bubbly

16. the handymen arrive with tools, buckets, and extension ladders……….on their mopeds (and you don’t even blink)

17. those same handymen arrive two hours late, but that was when you knew to expect them

18. a “high-end” meal costs about $40 bucks usd

19. you want a hot shower so you turn on the cold water

20. you schedule your work around water sports

Please feel free to contribute to this list.  I have a feeling there’s many, many more examples of why we love to live on (and visit) the island of Cozumel.  Salud!

18 thoughts on “You know you’re on Cozumel when………

  1. the music from your next door neighbor’s all night fiesta stops abruptly at 5:00 a.m. because after that it’s deemed noise pollution…

  2. -You try to get info regarding credit for your Telcel cell phone, and everyone you ask gives a different answer.
    – no matter how improved my Spanish has become, I never understand a single word blared from the megaphones from the cars/trucks driving up and down the street
    – lots of Walkie Talkies

    1. How funny, Valli, I’ve actually asked a friend of mine, a Mexican local, if he can understand those loud speakers blaring, he can’t either, so not sure who they’re supposed to be for :)………..thanks for reading, Valli, and good to see you!

  3. – you hear a catchy tune over some speakers, and maybe the accompaniment of banging on metal tanks, and you zip outside to catch the propane truck.

  4. Hahaha! Such a funny post.. Gotta love all of those.
    I’ve gotten rid of my alarm clock because every morning “AAAAAAgua”-man wakes me up at 9.

    1. Oh, I miss him!!! I wonder if you live near where I did, you’re in Cancun, right? Was the sweetest guy with the biggest voice, aaaguaaaaa, is right, thanks for the memory!

      1. Cancun, yes! Av. Nichupté in front of Kabah Park. Yep, the only morning I can sleep in is Sunday. But hey, who doesn’t want to get up in the morning when it’s sunny and warm?!!!!

    1. Yes! And folks on bikes have fins and masks tucked into the baskets! Big smile MK, hope you have a great day…..oh, and if you ever want to go snorkeling (it’s an addiction now) let me know?

    1. I know that feeling, I’ve actually spent a lot of time going through and pressing different buttons in the hopes of eventually finding a real person who speaks English! thanks for reading 😉

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