Gettin’ Cozy in Cozumel: Alicia’s Bed & Breakfast

DSCF6422So, you want to visit Cozumel, but you don’t think you can afford the lodgings?  Well, I’m here to prove that theory wrong.  I’ve been lucky enough to not only meet some great people while writing this “Gettin’ Cozy….” series, but have also had the opportunity to see some wonderful places we have tucked in our neighborhoods that are quaint, colorful, unique, and very affordable.  Today I’m going to take you inside a B&B that combines the exotic touches one expects in the Caribbean with the homey feel that we all long for when on the road.  Let’s go take a peek.

Alicia’s Bed & Breakfast is located smack dab in the middle of one of the more established neighborhoods on the island on 65 b & 19.   Alicia, the owner, wasn’t originally expecting to start a business, she’d just thought she’d retire to the island and enjoy the good life.  But, back in 1994, she soon realized that she had found a place that was worth sharing and she’s had loyal patrons ever since.

DSCF6458When first pulling up to the B&B, one would have no idea what to expect, the facade is rather subdued and unassuming.  But, once on the other side of the entry, you are immediately welcomed by a large home surrounded by gardens, pathways, and sunny areas that circle around to the back where, as I discovered later, there is another, smaller building with an outdoor kitchen and several more guest rooms.  When first walking in the front door you’ll see a large, nicely shaded sitting room with large windows just filled with colorful mobiles and wind chimes.  This is where guests can come to get away from the heat and enjoy the quiet of the day.

DSCF6440The stairs lead up to a large guest area, in the main house, that can be made into it’s own DSCF6421suite for a family, or a small group.  Now, here’s where I’ll say that the rooms could be described as basic, but sparkling clean, each with air conditioning, its own full bathroom, and all have big windows that allow the guests to look out over the garden area.  They are cleaned daily and all linens are provided, of course.  All you have to do is sit back, relax, and, if you’re not heading out for activities, pick a book from Alicia’s large selection.

DSCF6433Once I took a peek at the guest room in the main house I started to wander on the paths along the garden around to the back.  There are five rooms altogether and the DSCF6434selections are diverse.  Whether you’d like to be garden level with a mini-kitchen outside, or upstairs with a large deck, or off to the side with a patio and an umbrella table, that’s okay, you have choices.  And all are priced per room and, when I tell you that price you may not believe me.  But, I’ll get to that in a bit.

While walking around, Alicia joined me and started to tell me about some of the healing DSCF6426plants she has on the property.  Oh, and that’s her on your left showing me the fruit of one tree that many claim will help you sleep better, feel better, and might even help folks with serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.  Once a skeptic myself, I have to admit that I, too, am feeling pretty perky these days after diving into some of the lesser known fruits available here on the island, many of which grow, like this one, in folk’s backyards.  I no longer turn my nose up at some of these types of claims.  I’m thinking that the old ways might just start coming back around, but, I digress……..let’s get back to the B&B.

DSCF6446Alicia and I went upstairs and I took a few pics of the little house she has in the back. DSCF6436 All the while we kept talking about so many different things that I realized this is a woman who just likes people, and life.  Soft spoken, but so friendly, she was a joy to spend time with.  I became glad that a friend of ours, Valli, had recommended that I meet with her in the first place and, possibly, feature her B&B in my series.  I’m glad I listened and I feel like I made a friend.  Still, I was also there with a mission.  So, while wandering about and chatting I started to focus on a few of the seating areas, and I turned my camera towards the little water feature she has on the side, and then theDSCF6423 little touches in the room such as the many nightstands filled with books.  There was a lot to see and all the while I was enjoying just how quiet it was there.  I live on a busy street so this was pleasant.

DSCF6452Once we got back downstairs and walked around to the front house I was able to meet one of Alicia’s dogs (she has two very friendly pooches).  Then, as we headed towards the dining room, I was invited to stay for a breakfast that had already been cooked by Chuco, her helpmate.  Now, this is when it gets a bit sticky for me since I don’t accept compensation of any kind.  But, as it turned out, Chuco was cooking for folks anyway and I was simply welcomed to partake.  Since I’d already taken my notes, taken my pictures, and knew what I was going to write, I agreed.  Besides, when you see what the guests at the B&B get to eat in the mornings, really, can you blame me?DSCF6453

So, that’s the breakfast I’m raving about on your right and it was what they were serving everyone.  Every morning guests can choose between an omelette, which I can now personally recommend, eggs, cereals, or waffles for the kids.  All come with fruit, juice, coffee, and home-made guacamole served with home-made chips.  Let me tell you, Chuco is an amazing cook!  I finished the omelette, had some fruit, a glass of juice, and a handful of chips with the guacamole, but Chuco still wondered if I liked what he’d cooked.  All I could do was smile.

DSCF6461Now, before I get to the prices, let me show you a pic of both Alicia and Chuco standing in the B&B kitchen.  Nice folks, yes?  And you’re going to think they are even nicer in a second.  The prices at Alicia’s B&B are $35 usd a night in the slow season (April to mid-December) and $45 usd a night during the high season.  That’s the price per room, not per person,  and includes all the ambiance, some friendly folks, and the breakfast I just described.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Make sure you take a peek at their website for more information……..

Well, so far, I’ve shown you the Coral Reef Inn, Villa Zaztun, and Alicia’s Bed & Breakfast.  All lovely, all neighborly, and all very affordable.  In another week, or so, I will finish this series by taking you inside some villas located just a few blocks away.  I’ve admired them from the outside on many an occasion and I’m excited to have the chance to take a closer look.  I hope you can come along.   And, hopefully, all these choices  might just help you realize that Cozumel doesn’t have to be just a dream, but an affordable reality.  Salud!

p.s. I don’t receive compensation and don’t intend to promote, I just like to share good experiences!

on a side note, I’m going to post a pic of Chuco’s grandson……….if you see him, please just let Chuco know that all is okay……….a family matter only and I have no further details, merely providing a service, thank you


8 thoughts on “Gettin’ Cozy in Cozumel: Alicia’s Bed & Breakfast

  1. I know I may be a bit biased on this one, but you really captured the essence of Alicia’s b&b, and I am so pleased that you are featuring a variety of local and independently owned accommodations. For a few special minutes, you took me back there- and mmmm…I could almost taste that succulent fresh fruit and yummy guacamole. 🍉🍍

    1. I happen to live next door to the Coral Reef Inn, owned by some nice folks, and was wondering what to write about this summer while watching Jerry, owner of the inn, work on his place……….had one of those “aha” moments………and it’s been a lot of fun too, thanks for reading

  2. I’m going back to Alicia’s for the third time this December- I can’t get enough of this place! I’ve traveled a lot, but never felt as welcomed and at home as I do at Alicia’s!

    1. so nice to hear, I can absolutely understand the loyalty too, she is just a nice person, as is Chuco (and what a cook he is)………thanks for taking the time to mention that, and thanks for reading

  3. We LOVE Alicia’s!! Been going for years and now even if we don’t stay there (sometimes we just gotta be closer to the ocean) we go to visit and have breakfast. PLEASE, if anyone see’s Angleo (who is Chuco’s SON) please note where and who he is with and call the B&B IMMEDIATELY! Love-n-Peace.

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