It was time to get pampered……..

10the dayThe last few months here on the island of Cozumel have been everything one should expect from a tropical island in the summer, hell-fire hot and sweaty-faced humid.   However, being that we’re on an island, there is also an easy solution; head to the ocean.  So, that’s what I’ve done.  In fact, I’ve learned to love the sport of snorkeling so much that I just might need an intervention.  But, it’s a healthy habit, one of the few I have, so no need to gather the folks together just yet.  Still, now that the long days are about over I noticed that I was looking a little, shall we say, frazzled and fried.  It was time to try and replenish so I started to keep an eye out for ideas on our local forums and FB pages.  Since I’m not one to spend money too often on the extras  (this expat is living on a teacher’s pension)  I wanted to make sure I went where folks came out happy.  It didn’t take long before I saw some great recommendations and I made a couple of appointments to help bring back, well, me.

The first place I headed to was Salon Cielo.   It’s a lovely little salon located on calle 7 between Melgar and 5th ave., and it is owned and run by a very nice woman,DSCF6599 Teresa Williams.  That’s her posing bravely for me and my camera in the pic on your left  (with backlighting, yikes).  Teresa is originally from Texas, but she has lived on the island for 7 years now and, as is often the case with many of the expats, has DSCF6596not looked back.  The salon has now been open for a year now and I am thinking it is going to continue to do well.  She has quite the selection of services including all manners of hair care, manicures, and pedicures.  But, since I’d decided that it was time to start embracing the island fashion of flip-flops, it was a pedicure I was after.  I was nervous, however, because I’d not had one in a very long time.   Nothing to worry about though, Teresa was a champ.  She managed to do the job quickly and painlessly and my feet haven’t looked this good in a long time.  And, she did it for a great price, which always makes me even happier.  You can check out her Facebook page Salon Cielo (Cozumel) to see what else she offers.

DSCF6594After she was finished I did my thing and asked if I could take some pics and get some information for my blog.  She graciously said, “okay,”DSCF6600 and I started to snap a few pictures of the little things she has that makes her salon special.  An art nouveau lamp over here, a scale model of a cutter ship over there.  I am always impressed with those little things that we find in our local businesses.  Those extra touches that make them seem so special.  Folks like Teresa really take pride in their ambiance and we also seem to attract an artistic and creative bunch here on Cozumel.  It’s just one of the things that makes this island special!

Next I was off to get a facial to try and undo at least a little of the damage I’d inflicted on my skin over the past DSCF7141few months.  Again I relied upon a glowing recommendation I saw on a local FB page (I’ll list local forums where I go for information at the bottom of this piece).  According to Laura, the place to go for a facial was Cozumel Relaxing Skin Care (check out her Facebook page), which is owned and run by Erika Armas.  It is located at the corner of 11 sur and 65, and it is inside the same offices as MediDental offices, which is the sign you see from the street.  But, as soon as you walk inside you will see a short hallway and Erika’s skin care and massage business is down on your left.  And, yes, she also does massages, something I now can highly recommend.

DSCF7120Before I get to my facial and massage, however, let me introduce Erika.  That’s her on the left.  She and her husband, Carlos Cocom (a local fiberglass artist), are long time residents of the island.  Although she is originally from Mexico City, she decided to make Cozumel her home over a dozen years ago.  A licensed masseuse she is now licensed in skin care as well and decided to combine her areas of interest.  And, she is quite proud that she uses only natural, and organic, products for both practices.  Once she’d had me fill out a bit of paperwork, talked with me about what I was looking for, we got started.  I was taken into one of her rooms where she gave me a robe, turned on some creative lamps for ambiance, and told me to just lay down and relax.

Within a few minutes I could smell something really nice (turned out to be lavender oil) and she started to workDSCF7129 DSCF7123on my face.  We were going for the deep cleansing and moisturizing mask, but I wasn’t prepared for the nicest facial massage I think I’ve ever had.  After a while of that she got down to the business of a mask.  it seemed to take layers of creams, cloths, and mud, but I just focused on the soft music that was playing.  Oh, and, yep, that’s me on the right.  I’d asked Erika if she could take a picture of me while under the stuff and she happily obliged.

All in all it took about an hour and a half for the facial.  But, since Erika doesn’t believe in wasting time, I also got a great arm, hand, leg, and foot massage.  Then, after we were finished, we began to chat a bit and she told me a little bit about her husband, Carlos Cocom.  He’s a local artist who specializes in fiberglass and has exhibited his worksDSCF7139 in the Cozumel Museum located on Melgar.  The conch shell lamp you see on the right is one of his pieces, but she also showed me some things from his FB page Fiberglass Fantasies and I’d like to pass along the information to you.  If you like creative artwork, you might want to take a peek.  He’s good.

So, I have pretty toes, glowing skin, and am about as relaxed as I can be.  Not a bad way to end the summer, yes?   And I got to meet even more great people along the way.  I’m not sure what I did, but it must have been something good.  Salud!

p.s. I don’t intend to promote, and I never receive compensation, but I do like sharing good experiences………..

and, don’t forget, I have the last in my “Gettin’ Cozy in Cozumel” series coming up and will be focusing on a great villa just around the corner from me………..

Finally, we have some great places to get info about Cozumel.  I’d like to recommend the Facebook page Cozumel 4 You and a local online forum called Cozumel My Cozumel………..both are chock full of information and helpful people ready to answer your questions………………….

4 thoughts on “It was time to get pampered……..

  1. Ahh, just reading this helped ease away any tension I was feeling. And a few hours devoted to pampering is always a good thing. Always good to read about first-hand experiences with services. Thank you for posting, I see a massage and pedicure in my future on my next visit to Cozumel.

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