Ramblings and Room Service

P1020917(1)(1)Many of my posts might give one the impression that all is paradise here on the island of Cozumel.  After all, I live where the palm trees sway, the beaches beckon, and the water is a sparkling clear turquoise.  But, why stop there?  Let’s not forget that the neighbors are friendly, the activities are endless, and the rent is cheap.  Put all these together and I can look someone dead in the eye and say, “yep, I live quite well.”   But, then there’s today.

We’ve had some rain over the past several months.  And, by rain, I’m talking P1020941(1) “end of days” kind of rain that causes streets to flood,  decks to sprout,  and books to curl.  Now, this is the tropics, which means there is supposed to be rain, a lot of it.  But, what I’ve noticed is that when it rains this much I have to make some adjustments.  Let me give you a few examples.

I have four dogs.  Turns out that having a lot of animals isn’t that unusual down here, especially among expats.  One of my gals (they’re all females) is old; 007somewhere between ten and “who knows,” according to her vet.  She is, typically, quite the lazy girl until it storms, like it is doing right now.  The constant moisture causes her old bones problems, which then leads to what I call her “rain walk.”   But, she suddenly becomes quite agile, in spite of her limp, when thunder is added to the mix.  She either rolls around in her bed, heads into the bathroom,  or just anxiously limps around in circles debating her choices.  I am now sitting on the floor with her head in my lap while I type this on a laptop that sits on a footstool.  First problem solved.

Now let’s talk about my doggie towels.  About two days ago we had a brief respite and I decided to take the towels off their beds and hang them outside in the sun.  It’s sort of a natural Febreze thing that works well.   Unfortunately, I didn’t get to them before all the rain started again.  As a result, the towels are soaked and their weight is causing the clothesline to lose it’s intent.  I’ve decided that, if it’s still raining tomorrow, and I have no reason to think otherwise,  I should just mix some detergent in water, pour it on them, and let nature be the rinse cycle.  Another problem solved.  What’s next?

Then there’s the problem with activities.  Accustomed to morning swims and afternoon bike rides I’ve had to come up with some other options.  But, after a while, I 009remembered that a friend had given me a yoga mat before she left the island.  I took it out, dusted it off, and started to stretch out.  However, I became immediately aware that yoga cannot be done with all these pups in the house and none of us were going outside.  So, I’m just going to consider our playtime on the mat, which was quite frantic due to their bottled up boredom, as my aerobic activity for the day.  I’m good with that.

But, after all that activity,  I got hungry.  I don’t have a vehicle so I’ve not been doing a lot of shopping since this all started.  It’s not as if I don’t have an umbrella, and I do live close to several stores, so I don’t really even have an excuse.  Still, that didn’t change the fact there was nothing here to eat.  That was when I remembered a new business that’s been started on the island.  It’s called “Room Service” and, from what I’d heard, they are good.

I looked up their Facebook page, got the number and gave them a call.  I was rehearsing my Spanish in my head while the phone rang.  And, the conversation did indeed begin in Spanish (I think), but the gentleman on the other end fairly quickly switched to English.  That’s not unusual.  Often the person I’m speaking with will switch over, but, at least on the phone I don’t have to see the pain I’m inflicting  while I’m butchering their language.  I do keep trying though.  I digress.

Carlos, the gentleman on the phone, told me that “yes” they would pick up a pizza for me.  He also told me that “yes” they’d pick up a couple of other things for me at Oxxo, which is a sort of 7/11 down here, and “yes,” they could also pick up my laundry while at my home and drop it off at my favorite laundry mat.  It all sounded expensive, but my wants and needs overcame any financial good sense.  I put the phone down and got ready for the long wait while checking to see I had enough cash in the house.  However, it turned out that neither of my assumptions about “Room Service” would be correct.

Not thirty minutes later I heard a honking outside my place.  “Nah, that can’t 016be them yet,” was my first thought.  But, there it was again.  Just to be sure I headed out to my deck and took a peek over the wall.  Sure enough, there was a young man on a moped with a bright yellow box on the back that read “Room Service.”  I waved, grabbed my money and a camera, snapped a pic and went downstairs.  He handed me my pizza, my bag of goodies from Oxxo, and a bill, and all with a smile.  I started smiling too, and for various reasons.  Not only is it nice to have stuff delivered, but by a friendly person, and it was ridiculously cheap.  Savvy businesswoman that I am I asked, “are you sure that’s enough?”  When he smiled and assured me it was I gave him a nice tip. Then he reminded me about my laundry.  Now, that’s service!

So, okay, it’s not quite the vision of paradise one sees in the brochures.  In fact, on a more serious note,  I’m truly hoping it all stops soon since many folks are being thoroughly inconvenienced due to flooding.  But, I just ate a hot pizza, drank a cold coke, and all while watching a movie from the floor surrounded by fur and drools.  Nope, not a picture perfect image, but it’s certainly good enough for me.  So, forget what I said earlier, I do live quite well, even on rainy days like today.  Salud!

p.s. I don’t receive compensation, and I don’t intend to promote, but I do like to pass along good experiences.  Also, thanks to the help from some friends, I now have a new blog page.  Let me know what you think, I welcome the feedback.

10 thoughts on “Ramblings and Room Service

  1. Really enjoy your blog. Makes me miss the island all the more. We had planned to return in early 2014, but I have severe joint problems & my wife’s back problems have returned after long absence. We had being coming to the island 1 or 2 times a year for almost 20 yrs. when my bad joint problems got worse & we also started helping care for my wife’s parents(which we were glad to do). We would love to stay in Cozumel several mos./yr. but just don’t want to leave our house unattended for that long & selling to make a complete move is not an option. Real estate market has taken away lots of equity & at our age we don’t want to take the loss in order to sell. We miss the island very much. Our friend, Pancho, who has a small diving biz has a young daughter we have not seen & he has a new home. We will have to rely on the great memories. Hope you continue to enjoy your time on Cozumel.

  2. Hi Bill, I think I’ve met Pancho. I went with a group of visitors on Pancho’s boat. They are divers, I’m not, but it worked out well. And, Pancho is just such a nice man too. Thanks for writing, Bill, and I will hold out hope that you can visit Cozumel soon, the island misses you too!

    1. Isn’t it though? And room service is what I always look for in a hotel, nice to have it otherwise (and it was faster than any hotel room service I’ve ever had)……thanks for reading!

  3. Love it…it’s like we are sitting in the corner observing your life as it is happening..unique ability you have to bring it forward..also like the new background..really jazzes it up..I’ve read about Room Service, gonna have to give it try…

    1. glad you like my new page, it was fun to put together…..and, yes, give them a try, you will love them, they produce receipts, come with a smile, and they’re fast too, can’t beat it, good to see you, Deb, thanks for reading!

  4. Oh my goodness, you’re making me want to move to the Island (darn, I just signed a new lease in Cancun). So many options over there, it’s not even funny! I’m sure happy you are able to “live the good life”. We’re very blessed to be able to live in such nice places called Paradise. Because to me, even if I still can’t find all that I need, I also live very well (compared to Canada, where I’m from).. Lovely post, as always! Salutations!

    1. Hi Andrea, good to “see” you. Hope all is well over your way! And, we do have a lot of choices, dog trainers, room service, computer techs who do house calls, we even have an acupuncturist who does house calls (and sings), it is a good life! As always, thanks for reading!

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