Cozumel Christmas Walkabout pt. 1

IMG_2913 (2)There’s lots going on here on the island of Cozumel.  It is the Christmas week and there are so many things to see and do that it’s hard to pick a subject to talk about.  So, I’m just going to post some photos from last night with only a brief introduction so I can let the photos do most of the talking this time.   Last night I had the opportunity to see lots of kids, which always makes for a good season.  They were either dancing, skateboarding, playing in a street band, or in a high school orchestra, riding trikes, or holding daddy’s hand.  And, believe it or not,  it was all going on almost at the same time.  These shots were all within an hour of each other and could be enjoyed merely by walking from the Palacio park to el centro.  About six blocks of fun spent with some great folks.  Thanks for joining me, Kandy and Chuck, hope we can do that again!  In between all of that I thought maybe I should get a few pics of the holiday lights, but more will be in part 2.  So, Merry Christmas (pt. 1) from  the island of Cozumel.  Salud!

IMG_2969 (2)IMG_2919 (2)IMG_2918 (2)IMG_3060 (2)IMG_2956 (2)IMG_2952 (2)IMG_2965 (2)IMG_2972 (2)IMG_2976 (2)IMG_3025 (2)IMG_2914 (2)IMG_3045 (2)IMG_3059 (2)IMG_3065 (2)IMG_3067 (2)IMG_3069 (2)IMG_2928 (2)

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