Cozumel Christmas Walkabout pt. 2

Well, we’re almost there!  And, it’s time for this expat to put down her blog and start wrapping a few presents.  But, before I do that, here are some last minute shots I took today while walking around our lovely island.   Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which is when most Mexicans celebrate Christmas, and it should be quite the party here on Cozumel for both the children and the adults.  Hopefully these pics will show you why.  It promises to be a merry little island  (oh, and the colorful hangings are piñatas for the kids to swing at, and the tin can mountain is Kloster beer). As for me?  Well, this expat will be offline until after January 1st.  Until then, may you and all your loved ones, have a safe and joyous holiday season.  See you next year!!   Salud!

IMG_3179 (2)

IMG_3178 (2)

IMG_3180 (2)IMG_3074 (2)IMG_3075 (2)IMG_3182 (2)1

5 thoughts on “Cozumel Christmas Walkabout pt. 2

  1. Wow, this really helps me get through the bitterly cold weather in my neck of the woods. The colours and vibrancy certainly add warmth. I am amazed at the height and stacks of the beer display! May you have a holiday full of cheer and good food and friends- and thank you for taking the time and effort to put these wonderful masterpieces together. Happy new year and I will see you soon. I will be trading in my boots and parka for flip flops and a bathing suit. You are the best!

    1. Hope you have a great holiday, Valli!! I’ll be going over to friends to spend the day, looking forward to some down time and some good food! And, isn’t that beer stack nuts? Between the adults drinking the beers and the kids being blindfolded and given sticks, well………….see you soon!!

  2. Celia – Have a question. Based on information in a newsletter that I receive from Cozumel it was indicated that there were significant tax measures approved. If this is true it really takes a bite out of being a resident in Cozumel. Up until 2008, we had visited the island every year, once or twice, for approx. 20 yrs. We always found things to be reasonable, vandalism & crime almost non-existant. It appears that things have slowly but surely changed since our last visit. Just curious, are you aware of the tax increases approved 1/1/2014. If so, it reminds me somewhat about what is going on approx. 35 miles from where I live in Delaware. Because of Delaware’s tax situation and the abundant areas near the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay and it’s tributaries people are moving in droves to these areas. Thus, based on the migration more people require more services, more everything & our local taxes continue to go up and unfortunately even though we are only 35 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, locals can only get to the beach area during the week and even then the cost of parking goes up & up along with other costs. I am not griping to you about our issues here in Delaware, but it almost seems like what appears to be happening in Cozumel is very similar to what is happening in our area. Be interested in your take. Thanks! My wife and I find your blog to be very interesting and the pictures are great. We hope to return once I am able to get a hip and knee situation resolved that has hampered our return for quite some time.

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