Tis’ the Season: precious gifts………….

IMG_3162 (2)Cozumel has so much to offer at any time, but this season is when it gets even better.  Just an hour ago I had the privilege, and honor, to meet some wonderful people  who seem to take their inspiration from the “Three Kings” themselves.  Nineteen folks who followed their hearts and their strong, faith-based convictions all the way from Texas to our little island to spend the holiday season.  And, while here,  they give the best gift of all, themselves.  But, before the photos begin, let me explain a bit more.

In the middle of the jungle there is an area called Las Fincas.  Although lovely, this is certainly not a IMG_3131 (2)tourist spot, you won’t find any resorts here, but you will find a house called La Esperanza.  A half-way house for recovering alcoholics and addicts.  But, I am using the term “house” quite loosely.  It is a plot of donated land with a sprinkling of cement structures, the insides of which are kept immaculately clean, by the way.  Here they live with tarps for windows, tin for roofs, and buckets for water.  It is in this place, however, that you will meet the nicest folks.  A couple by the names of Ken and BJ come to Cozumel annually and they give of their time, money, and labor to do mission work over the holidays.  This year they gathered seventeen more like-minded folk to pursue one of those missions, which is to help the folks at La Esperanza have a well for their water needs and a room with a floor.  If that doesn’t sound significant, well, wait until you see the rest of the photos below.

IMG_3106 (2)Now, after these few words of mine you will see photos of their land, structures, the volunteers (including locals), their lunch, and the abandoned dogs that these folks in recovery have decided could also use a bit of assistance.   Whole families are helping out the residents, as is a local architect (who is also volunteering for this cause), a local yoga instructor who donates the proceeds from some of her classes, and a local Christian gentleman who gives his all, all the time.  So, before I get to my next blog that will have lots of festive pics let me show you another side of Christmas,  maybe the best side there is, the giving of oneself.  Oh, and if you’d like to contribute to this cause yourself, please comment and I’ll let you know who you can contact.  Salud!

IMG_3139 (2)IMG_3138 (2)IMG_3174 (2)IMG_3085 (2)IMG_3112 (2)IMG_3117 (2)IMG_3128 (2)IMG_3124 (2)IMG_3170 (2)IMG_3104 (2)IMG_3103 (2)IMG_3146 (2)IMG_3151 (2)

4 thoughts on “Tis’ the Season: precious gifts………….

    1. Yes, it is, Cherry, and today I got to see some of the greatest gifts ever, really cool!! (and this is why I’m going to be resting a lot too, still have one more blog to go) Thanks for your support, have a great holiday!

  1. amazing work they do…I met the group Saturday afternoon when they were hosting a Christmas Party for the docs, nurses and staff of the General Hospital here on the island…they do such good for so many it would be good place to donate since the money is used here on the island…

    1. absolutely, and Tammy gives of her time and money year round, as does Ricardo! We have some great people here, including you, Candy Cane Corki! Have a great holiday, see you soon!

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