The year begins…….

Well, after actively covering holiday events, I’d decided to take a break from my blog.  But, the break is over, my friends, and it’s time to share some pics from our little island of Cozumel.   And I’m excited to get started.   You see, I gave myself a little Christmas present this year, a Canon EOS Rebel T2i, and I am officially in love.  And, here is how that happened.  It turned out that a dear friend of mine had a camera she no longer needed, whereas I had a sincere desire for a new one,  so we worked something out.  Yes,  I am a girl on a budget, but I have such good friends (thanks, Myrna).

Now, what does this have to do with my blog?   Well, if I’m not covering an event that needs description and narrative details, my blog will consist of, mostly, photographs from Cozumel.  I will be shooting in RAW format, using a touch of photoshop, and doing my best to capture the beauty that is our island.  I hope you approve.

I’ll start off with some pics from a Medicine Wheel Ceremony held on the east side New Year’s morning, an incredibly spiritual way to start the new year. I will also include a photo of the locals from that same morning who were truly captivated by the event (wink,wink).   From there we’ll go to the first sunrise of the year and, finally, some random shots I’ve been taking while getting to know my new toy.  I think they’ll all be self-explanatory.  After all,  it is a tropical island where the fun goes on forever.  Here’s to new beginnings!    Salud!

IMG_3622 (2)IMG_3642 (2)IMG_3640 (2)IMG_3654 (2)IMG_3648 (2)IMG_3683 (2)IMG_3687 (2)IMG_3675 (2)IMG_3623 (3)sunrise3egret going to worknature designsflower as trumpetflawed flowerIMG_3425 (2)IMG_3450 (2)IMG_3476 (2)IMG_3499 (2)IMG_3424 (2)IMG_3488 (2)IMG_3438 (2)IMG_3440 (2)

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