An eastside perspective

beach entranceThere is so much beauty on the island of Cozumel that words often aren’t enough.  Thankfully, I take a lot of photos.  We’ve had some lovely weather this past week and I’ve had the opportunity to go to the eastside, twice.  That’s where the beaches stretch for miles, the waves crash to shore, and there are enough little beach clubs that assure you won’t go hungry, but spaced far enough apart you can just enjoy the sound of the surf if you choose.  With that said, I’ve decided to make this piece a photo blog. I’ve included some pics of the scenery, the folks, the activities and, hopefully, captured some of the ambiance found on the “other side” of Cozumel.  Like I said, words often aren’t enough, but maybe these pics can help.  I hope you enjoy, Salud!ocean and rockscrazyguyswithsailswoodbeach sleepercoupletourist traplyndalynda on beach by woodmoped girlbetterflowerwater through woodguitar manbeach tent

10 thoughts on “An eastside perspective

  1. And there are no words to describe how much I miss being there, especially on the wild side. Always a joy to see your photos, thank you!

  2. Great pictures of eastside. Love it. If you have not been on the eastside you have missed the Coz experience. Due to hip problems have not been able to return since 2008 after almost 15 consecutive yrs. Hope to return soon. Thanks for pictures!

      1. Celia – you take great pictures. If this hip improves we hope to return in 2015. Had hip surgeries in 2013 & 2014. Lots of rehab involved. Best wishes!!!!

  3. Spent a wonderful morning over there on the last day of my stay on March 7th and it was beautiful and fabulous. Of course, am now suffering the peeling that goes with the sunburn that I got! So glad that you’re back!

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