my sanctuary

As an expat living on the island of Cozumel I had quickly learned that, in spite of all the activities we have to offer, sometimes it’s just nice to take it easy at home.  So, about two years ago, as a woman on a budget, I rented a small apartment in a great location with a lot of potential.  My landlord is quite accommodating so he’s allowed me to paint and decorate the interior to my preference.  But, then I focused on the reason I rented it in the first place.  It has a huge ‘L’ shaped deck out front (and another smaller one in the back), which is good since I have four dogs, but it needed something.  It was long, white, and hot even though it has a nice little overhang in the center.  So, decision was made, plain and hot had to go.  I gave it a lot of thought, but almost immediately realized that the changes I envisioned would take some time due to said budget.  I love animals, plants, and tropical colors, and scratched my head for a while to figure out how to put it all together.  But, now (with the exception of the deck floor) it’s complete, thanks to muralist Mariano Petit de Murat, a wood craftsman who is known as “Carpenter Chris” (and his assistant), lounge furniture from Mega, and plants from the local landscape shops.  If you like what you see, and the work Mariano and Chris have done, I’ll put their contact info at the bottom of this piece.  Otherwise, this will be yet another photo blog that will show you how it all turned out from start to finish, including a towel covered couch for the dogs (yes, they’re spoiled).  It took two years, but I’m a happy woman with a pretty little sanctuary.  I also included some pics of my first guests, Dan, who came in on a cruise ship yesterday (carrying Miracle Whip and Butterfingers, huge thanks) and Jean, a lovely woman I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with lately, she’s been a great friend.  I hope you enjoy, salud!1

7carpenter chrisdeck toolschris's helpertrellis
deck chairs
best deck shot
nity on deck
cheetah on deck
first guests

p.s. the muralist and graphic designer, Mariano Petit de Murat, can be found on Facebook under his name, if you’d like to contact him for work just send him a message on his FB site…………..Carpenter Chris can be found on ave 10, across from a lavenderia with a blue sign, just turn onto ten from 11 sur, go past the graveyard and look for the blue lavenderia sign on the right and he is directly across the street……..they are both so nice, very talented and quite reasonable!

16 thoughts on “my sanctuary

    1. glad you did, didn’t have that info………and it was great getting to know you, Mariano, it’s been fun (never boring) and you do such great work, happy to put that out there!

    1. thanks, Carol, and, yes, that’s the plan……….I’m out on my deck now, in fact, listening to a little jazz, while on the computer and watching my dogs play, they love it out here……….

    1. it is kind of pretty, huh? Especially when on a budget, was worth the wait, still haven’t figured out what to do with the deck, always the thought of “this isn’t my place, how much do I want to spend?” But, we have a deal, I can be here as long as I want, so……who knows?

  1. Great job my friend- you & the workers have made it look so comfortable, no wonder the doggies are in a lot of the pic’s-this could be “their spot”, and not so much yours ! Looks wonderful and love the colors used. Park Friend, July

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