Dusting off my bootstraps

Let´s start with a sunrise, a new beginning, a new day. Or, how about just a pretty picture…

Once upon a time I wrote weekly blogs all about Cozumel. The many places to see, the variety of things to do, and the people you might well want to meet. In fact, you´ll be able to find those on the right side. Looking for a particular place? Just type the name in the search column and if I was there, and I enjoyed the experience, I wrote about it. I never accepted invitations though, that kept me honest. They also come with stories and pics.

But, then life happened and I stopped for a while. However, with little to no fanfare, I´m back. This time will be more simple (and less expensive for me). I used to visit lots of locations and I always paid my own way. So, now, these will be a little different. Just casual walkabouts with a few pretty pictures for those who love the island is my plan. Whether you live here, wish you did, or have visited and miss us, these pics are for you. Not a professional, but, ever since my dad put a Rolleiflex in my hands when I was 6, I´ve been hooked on capturing moments. I hope you enjoy.

Today´s photos are a variety of what could be seen while riding a bike around the island at about 8 this morning. There is one exception, the flower you see above. It was one of my cactus flowers and I just like the pic. But, back to the moment. We have many new, and gorgeous, murals by artists from around the world, and you´ll see a few of those. Otherwise, just the beauty that is all around us, along with a few fun things such as hauling big boats and hawking restaurant wares.

Some folks agreed to have artwork on their homes!
If there was space, now there´s color. Beautiful works everywhere you look!

I finally got to see how they tow the huge boats from the water to the dry land. Took far less time than I´d thought, but then there was hook up and drop off. I didn´t stick around to see those.

People were both patient and curious, not a single honker in the group.

One of the things I enjoy the most is the locals who are happy to pose, especially if it is in front of their place of work. This fun guy was busily using his best Spanglish explaining how good their lobster is, all while finding the best place to stand. Now, I have eaten here, great guacamole and ceviche, but I haven´t tried their lobster, yet.

Right on the ocean, close to the Blue Angel on Melgar. Certainly friendly service!! I do want to point out, it was early, he was cleaning. I´m fairly certain he´ll be washed and dressed once it´s open.

Here is another mural I discovered on the backside of Chedruai. I must admit, this is one of my favorites. Beautiful art that will last years by world renowned artists.

Personal fan of this piece. Drive along the back of Chedruai, on 17, I believe, to see this work of art.

I have to include an homage to our divers. It´s certainly a beautiful day above the surface, hope you enjoy the colors below as well.

Folks got a kick out of me waiting for the sun to take this shot.

Let me leave you with a few more pics that include the water, our lighthouse, and someone´s tree charm. This was fun, for me, to once again see the island´s beauty.

Isn´t that sky gorgeous? BTW, it took me ten minutes to decide whether the tower should be straight, or the ocean look like it´s draining. So I walked all the directions I had to choose from and the leaning tower of Cozumel was my final pick. But, isn´t that sky gorgeous?
Simple beauty is the best!

Not sure when I´ll be back, but it will be soon. Will try and get the feel of the island for those who miss it. And capture the images for those who live here and love it! Salud!

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