The many moods of el mar

The ocean is what draws us to the island. Calm, unpredictable, beautiful, threatening, our ocean has it all.

I thought, before I start wandering around taking new pics, that I´d share some of those I´d accumulated during my writing dry spell. Our island is surrounded by such beauty and uniqueness from the calm of the west side to the wave action on the eastern ´´wild side.´´ But, regardless where you are at, one seldom really knows the mood of el mar on any given day. So, we watch for port information, read about diving conditions, and consider the cruise ship count. Fishermen stay up to date, snorkelers look for the perfect spots, couples seek out sandy beaches while families look for fun locations. No matter our plans, we all remain constantly aware of the waters that drew us here. I thought I´d share some photos I´ve been able to capture over the last 4 or 5 years. Only exception is the pic at the top, it´s a personal favorite taken back from my first month here. Ok, now that´s been said, here are just a few pics of our beloved el mar.

Some photos both above and below I took with an underwater, pocket sized Canon camera I was using for a while. I could snorkel along, do a dive, take a shot. Or, rise just above and get interesting photos from the actual, literal sea level. Those are always fun, here are a couple examples with a bird shot thrown in. You can get really close to the guys who perch on poles when just floating along.

kept his eye on me the entire time, I bobbed back and forth trying to get a clear shot, he never moved though

Back on land I tried to get myself outside when the colors were unusual, or it looked to be a promising sunset. I always wonder if one can take too many sunset shots. But, I don´t think so. You´ll notice I already have some above. I do, however, make a point to just go and watch one without a camera sometimes. A whole different perspective when not adjusting for light, finding the right angle and so on. I can just sit and drink in the beauty, I highly recommend it. But, aside from that, here´s just a couple more of our island´s beautiful sunset shots for you.

This was a gorgeous evening, I´m not sure I did it justice, but that´s how I learn.
it was a rainy night, eventually, but I still wish I was on that sailboat
I enjoyed the light dancing on the waters

Daytime is gorgeous too. Whether sailboats are riding the waves, or people are just enjoying a romantic walk. There is much to love midday as well. Best way to stay cool too.

Cozumel has a variety of fan gardens, ask your dive master, or tourist guide where the best can be found…Punta Sur was where I captured this shot

I think I´ll close this walk down memory lane with a few of my personal favorites. With my next blog I´m considering taking you all shopping. We have so very much to choose from whether you like high end, or economical locations. Those will all be new pics that will capture both the colors and wares offered on Cozumel. Until then, hope you enjoyed, salud!

sunrise here holds such promises of a beautiful day

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