Shopping at the Mercado!

It was time to do some shopping and there´s no place more authentic, more colorful, and with more variety than the Mercado. Truly no visit to the island of Cozumel can be considered complete without a stop at this lively location. It can be found on calle 20, but it takes up a few blocks total. It´s where you can find anything from fresh fish to hula hoops, flip flops to pasta strainers. Other than furniture, if they don´t have it, you probably don´t need it.

lunches are cheap, but filling – tacos, empanadas, hamburgers, fish sandwiches and way more choices than I can list here

I love the energy here, folks eyeing the produce, checking out the meats, picking out their spices. But, there are also a few local slot machines, a couple of musicians, and kids that seem to be everywhere. Lots of laughter, folks in a hurry to eat and get to work, others setting up their stalls. There isn´t a quiet space at the Mercado, at least not that I´ve ever found, and that makes it a fun place to visit.

Every snack imaginable, and every child´s dream come true. Would make a few adults I know pretty darned happy too!

Healthy choices are easily found as well. From fresh veggies to mangos, bananas, even dragon fruit was there today!

If you´re looking for some flip flops, I know just the place. Every color imaginable, and darker ones were around the corner. Something for everyone.

Past all the colorful purses, shoes, t-shirts, trinkets, humming bird feeders there´s the meat and fish areas. Fish arranged artistically in ice, meat hanging from the hooks. It´s where you´ll find the main course to any Mexican meal.

Not sure what these are, reminded me of cave fish that didn´t need eyes. I took this pic quickly and moved on.

I had gone to the Mercado for two reasons. I was looking for a hammock for my new garden sanctuary and I´d promised to take you shopping and this seemed like the perfect place to begin. I didn´t find the hammock I was looking for (I get picky with colors), but at least I get to share a day at the market.

the hula hoops I mentioned, I wasn´t kidding
This is located in the central area of the mercado, devotion to Catholicism is found everywhere.

Finally, I think I´ll end with a pic of some fun, and flirty, guys who I swear were on the same bench 7 years ago, which was the last time I wrote about this shopping gem. Their smiles were a nice way to end my morning. Hope you visit soon, it can certainly be an adventure. Thanks for coming along, salud!

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