For the discriminating shopper in Cozumel

Shopping in Cozumel can be an adventure, surely. We have it all from the kiosks to the Mercado, the high end stores to the tourist attractions. Today I thought I´d take you to a few of the more tasteful, exclusive shops that offer wares for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Items that might cost a bit more, although not always, but will certainly last a lifetime.

The first thing I became aware of, when I started this little jaunt, was that managers needed to agree. For practical purposes such as insurance risks, to a desire to have customers enter themselves to get the full effect, I needed permission. I didn´t always get it, but I still believe I have a nice sampling. Thankfully, four of the finer shops on Melgar, all offering a vast variety of different wares, agreed to let me ask questions, take some pics, and allow for a peek at some lovely items.

Let me start with one of our most famous shops Los Cinco Soles.

Located on the northern end of Melgar, this group of shops take up a city block. You could lose yourself for hours looking at the many fine wares.

Just one example of the many styles of sculptures and pottery available.
You can see, they have much to offer.

The Catrina dolls to the left are quite popular in Mexican culture. Originally dressed in ornate hats to demonstrate European backgrounds, they have evolved into fun dolls that do everything from riding bikes to playing pianos. The two lovely ladies above agreed to let me take their pic during my stop at Los Cinco Soles. You can see a bit of the colorful clothing they have to offer just behind them. They also offer accessories to match and much more. This was a great first stop. But, now it´s time to head a bit south to see some jewelry.

Just about a block north of Los Cinco Soles, the Milano Diamond Gallery offers spectacular jewelry, famous brand watches, and customer service that cannot be beat. They were also kind enough to let me take a few photos, although jewelry stores, for good reasons, do have to limit indoor shots.

I had started on the far north end and decided to just walk south until I´d find a store that offered some of the finer products that last a lifetime. I´m talking diamonds, sapphires and rubies, of course. Jewelry stores on Cozumel have become famous for selling gorgeous, original designs for much less than folks might find in their country of origin. After speaking with the manager of Milano, he was kind enough to agree to two photos inside. One of a lovely young employee holding out a gorgeous ring that I´d spotted (it called my name actually) and a quick shot of the ring itself. I don´t believe my photos of either will do them justice and, I must admit, I wanted to try on the ring so badly, but why push my luck. Have a peek.

the preview
Alejandra seemed to be in complete agreement, this ring is something special. But, Milano´s had much more to offer, you might just want to take a peek yourself.

After my visit to the Milano Jewelry Store I continued south until I came to an interesting store that featured gorgeous rugs and incredible lighting. Not a store I´d noticed before so I had to stop in.

With lovely mosaics at the entry and spectacular lighting in the window, I just couldn´t pass it by.

I met a friendly young man at the door and told him what I was hoping to accomplish. Introduce some finer stores to Cozumel shoppers both on the island and yet to visit. He was happy to show me around and, obviously, quite proud of what they had to offer. I could see why. Everywhere you looked were gorgeous carpets, every design and color imaginable. With free shipping offered on all, it seemed like the place to look for that centerpiece carpet that would become a family heirloom. In the corner I noticed some particularly lovely lights as well. Here are a few pics of what the Oriental Bazaar has to offer. I personally recommend stopping in and taking in the quiet beauty for yourself, but, until you do here is just a taste.

Such elegance was found on all the walls, plus dozens, if not hundreds of unique pieces.
These lighting features were stunning. Every shape imaginable and any color you could want.

All the shops I visited were worthy of taking the time to visit. But, I have a personal weakness for items that can be passed down through the family. Below is Roberto (I certainly hope I have his name correct, didn´t have pen and paper). He´s well informed and quite welcoming, which makes a visit even more pleasant.

My next stop as I was heading down Melgar, yet again, was a Cozumel icon, the Pama. This photogenic building houses duty free perfumes, high end wrist watches, jewelry, clothing and more. The manager was nice enough to agree to let me take a few photos, but, again for insurance purposes, I only photographed limited sections as she accompanied me. And that was fine, the store itself, even inside, is a work of art.

A combination of stores inhabit the Pama, I believe, which means there is simply a vast collection of desirable items. But, regardless of ownership, there are some wonderful things to find here. Let me show you glimpse into the world of Pama.

They even provide comfortable seating as you select your dream bag. Felt a little like I was in Sex in the City in this store, but that was fun too.
Only the best.
All the classics could be found, and some great new discoveries as well. Much of what they sell is duty free too. Something to think about while shopping.

Well, I decided just one more location would give a good idea of what is available to those who prefer the best things in life. I had no idea what store that would be, but continued down Melgar until I came across this little gem. Simply called Mi Casa, I was delighted to find lightweight, colorful clothing, beautiful metallic wall pieces, unique pottery, and more colorful Catrina dolls. The owner was quite sweet and he was assuring me they changed their products often, but they maintain the quality expected. Let´s take a look inside.

I hope you can see the beautiful turquoise clothing in the window. But, there´s so much more.
Lovely metallic wall art pieces were everywhere.
More lightweight clothing can be found in the back, the side, the front, just about everywhere.
Unique sculptures that are currently on sale, might want to come to Cozumel…

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the other side of life (at least for me). Beautiful wares to last a lifetime are always worth more, therefore cost a bit more. Unfortunately, many of our tourists are from the cruise ships and are quickly snatched up for fun excursions, but those don´t leave much time for serious shopping. Maybe a glimpse into what is available here might trigger a thought to take some time and experience for yourself just one more reason Cozumel is such a beautiful island. I hope you enjoyed, salud!

p.s. Let´s go tourist shopping next, all the wild neon spots that remind you it´s vacation time!

5 thoughts on “For the discriminating shopper in Cozumel

  1. I never saw the Oriental Bazaar before! Gotta check it out next time we’re down. Our place is in Akumal, but we love the island ☺️. We have lots of decorating to do so this was a fun blog. I hate shopping (I know,I know), so it’s impressive you got me excited about it. LOL

  2. So nice to see your comments and wonderful pictures again. We had been coming to Cozumel for almost 20 yrs until 2008. My wife and I had retired and were looking forward to longer stays especially during the cold months in Delaware where we live.However it was not to be. We had elderly parents that required almost around the clock attention. During this period, I developed a knee problem which stemmed from my time in the military and my participation in football, basketball, & baseball for eons. It got to the point that I had to have the knee replaced. We had a very well respected doctor do the surgery and from there everything has gone down hill. The knee was a failure and after getting 5 opinions from well respected doctors it was determined that there was nothing that could be done to help. I am now 78 yrs old and it would require a complicated surgery to even try to help my situation and there is no guarantee that the surgery would be successful. So, my wife and I are here in Delaware wishing we were in Cozumel. We miss my diving partner, Pancho of Pancho’s Diving who has been an amigo for years. Don’t want to ramble any more. Glad to see you posting once again.

    1. Hi Bill, I remember you and so very sorry to hear things haven´t gone as well as you´d hoped. I know you love the island and hope that, somehow, you can visit us again. Please give my best to your wife, and take care. As always, thank you for reading.

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