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16After having lived  in Mexico for several years I could attest to the fact that much of the unpleasant hype written elsewhere about this country was unwarranted, untrue, or greatly exaggerated.   That awareness was the inspiration behind the start of writing this blog from the perspective of someone who is not a journalist, a celebrity, or has any agenda, political, or otherwise.  Whether you are considering visiting, thinking of relocating, or just like to live vicariously, here you will  discover  lots of practical information, numerous descriptions (that include pics) of fun activities, and a fair amount of, to put it simply, “the day in the life of an expat.”  Now, you can find my blog on your own by searching the name “mexcelia.” Other ways to check it out would be to click on Cozumel 4 You, which is a great Facebook site where, besides finding my works,  questions can be both asked and answered by long time residents, or look for The Cozumel Sun, which is a local paper that is also on FB (electronic, online, and interactive) that can keep you up to date on the local news and discussions are welcomed.  Both administrators have graciously decided to include my stories in their online sites.  Finally, for further information about the island, there is also the forum Cozumel my Cozumel, which is online as well, and is another great resource for asking and answering questions pertaining to the island.  Oh, and if you decide you absolutely enjoy the blog and simply must read more,  just click on the “follow” button on the main blog page, that will assure that they will go to your email box and no searching will be necessary.   At this time, however, I would like to point out that, although I  mention many restaurants, beach resorts, businesses, and volunteer organizations by name, I never receive compensation.   That’s what keeps me honest.    ¡Salud!

9 thoughts on “Why This

  1. Very well done site and excellent pictures…My husband and I are also lovers of all things Mexico, especially Cozumel. And enjoy reading of others experiences..We bought our place down there 2001 after visiting annually since 1988..but not until we retired couple years ago have we been able to spend extended winters there…This last winter we bought a car, although we survived without one for years, have to say finally having wheels was a treat and certainly enlarged our explorations..
    Keep writing I know there are people out there reading..Cozumel has many friends and we all love to read of the daily happenings when we are not there enjoying it. Thanks for keeping us informed and doing the legwork. Paradise Beach is a great place to go to spend a lazy Sunday..the new pool addition was built by Frank del Corno, builder of several condo buildings on the island for the past 25 years..

  2. Glad you like the site, Deb, and nice to meet another fan of Cozumel. It’s been a great experience getting to know the island and the people. And, please, keep the extra info coming, this newbie appreciates any and all insights and suggestions ………….thanks for reading. Salud!

  3. Want to check & see if I am on record to receive email copies of your blogs. If not please advise what I need to do to register since I like the looks of your blog & would like to participate.

  4. dearest informative Cecelia, Your info is such a joy to read and I look forward to reading it all. My daughter just moved to your neighborhood, in fact. Do you have suggestions on how she can meet her hubby at cancun Airport with his big suitcases and get back here in an easy manner? and what things should cost round about? they do understand the ferry as they have taken it before. But taxi or bus from airport to ferry on the other side? so many thanks, and I KNOW we will all meet up someday as we know some of your friends. MO

    1. Hi Mo,

      I don’t have prices for you, unfortunately. I do know that many would recommend that he take Mayair from Cancun to Cozumel and your daughter could meet him there, although he would need to take the transportation provided at the airport in Cozumel. Folks who know way more than me might be able to help if you asked the question on either Cozumel My Cozumel (an online site), or Cozumel 4 You (on Facebook). Both of those places have folks who could provide detailed information about buses, their costs etc. But, for me, I’d take the Mayair, cost just a little bit more, but with way less hassle. Still, you might want to ask on those sites I recommended. Good luck, and pass along my “welcome to the neighborhood” to your daughter for me, thanks for reading…….

      1. Thank you, C. I knew I was asking a lot. I came in on Mayfair with small bags! but he has a lot of stuff….you know how that is. So we are pushing off now to meet him in Playa, then I will get to know the ropes a little, too. Been enjoying what I have read of yours so far and look forward to reading it all. You are a cool and I will meet up with you soon I am sure. MO

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